House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy charged the House Democrats for employing dirty tactics to unseat a GOP Congress member. He cited the Democrats for the attempt to increase their seats. 

House Democrats Tries to Steal GOP Seat

McCarthy scoured the attempt by the Democrats last Friday, an attempt to grab a seat to increase the DEMS. He pointed out that it undermined the majority voted GOP congresswoman, who won fair and square.

After the DEMS took power, they have in many instances used their majority in the Senate and House to dominate via partisanship. Already they have used it to push bills in their favor.

On Wednesday, the House Administration Committee denied the appeal of Miller-Meek to dismiss Hart's election results claim. The DEMS said she really won, not the Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who won by 6 close votes. Hart still insisted she is the real winner in Iowa's second congressional district during the 2020 elections, reported the Blaze.

The sitting congresswoman Miller-Meeks wanted to shutdown Hart's persistent claim to end the row. According to McCarthy's allegations, the Administration Committee used their party majority to unseat the sitting GOP member hopefully.

Hart cited that the election result did not include 22 legally cast ballots during the elections, which resulted in defeat. If they were counted, there would have been another result. Under the Federal Contested Election Act, she lodged her protest against the winner.

The House Democrat-dominated Administration Committee's decision is suspect for its alleged motivations to decline the GOP winner's request. Miller-Meeks was confirmed to have legitimately won the election by a recount, and bipartisan canvass in the Iowa elections, noted Iowa City Press-Citizen reported


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By all accounts, Hart's claims have been refuted, but the Democrats stand to gain a seat from it. They have ignored a legal win by Miller-Meeks, by casting their alleged motivations in entertaining Hart's claims.

McCarthy was interviewed by the Fox News host Sean Hannity, who said the DEMs were interested in sustaining Hart's questionable claims. This is getting serious when he said the GOP seat is in danger of being stolen by the Democrats. They are allegedly dead set on getting one more seat with their five-seat majority.

McCarthy stressed that Congresswoman Miller-Meeks was the one true winner on election day, and the DEMS lost one too many. She had the most votes in the recount and certified winner already doing her duties. GOP House Minority Leader said that the congresswoman is on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, responsible for changes in the COVID bill for assisting combat veterans, but DEMs shot it down.

He told Hannity that the Democrats failed to sweep the elections and have the slimmest majority with just five seats. They cited the double-faced standard of allowing their candidate to protest; President Donald Trump cannot challenge Biden's dubious poll count.

Miller-Meeks said Hart intends to ignore electoral victory by colluding with House Democrats to violate voters in Iowa. The recent election has seen the GOP accused the DEMs of ignoring the voters too many times. 

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