Suspicion of irregularities in the state marred the last election in Georgia. One of these is absentee voting that was questioned by the Trump campaign.

This year Georgia lawmakers proposed 20 bills that were meant to amend how votes will be cast. The Senate passed legislation 29-20 today that prevented no-excuse absentee voting during the election process. It was a move forward in voting reform, reported MSN.

Inclusions in the new bill make it hard for voters to opt not to vote in person, like in last elections, where vote harvesting was implied. Voters in Georgia will not be able to avail of absentee voting easily. The process was full of inconsistencies, leading to the loss of election integrity.

Voters need to prove they have a physical disability or if they need to look after a disabled person. Other valid excuses are religious obligations, having a job that needs doing, or more than 65 years old, or is part of the military which can get an absentee ballot. But more verification is required, like proper IDs, to make sure the person requesting it is legit.

Reports by the Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) said that some of the table amendments would be opposed to what Republicans sponsored 15-days ago. The Democrat is objecting to these reforms they claim has been done since their approval. Grumbling over the DEMS changes, it says it was part of a bill in 2005 that opted for no-excuse absentee voting with no excuse or IDs.

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The absentee voting will include those who cannot make it to polling day because of jobs or health problems preventing appearances. Critics call it a chance for voter fraud or a voter's forcing to cast his vote unwillingly. Democrats and their supporters deny it happens, but the 2020 elections are proof of that.

An audit done in Georgia by the Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office in one county alleged there was no fraud. The 15,000 ballots that were counted and reviewed were confirmed without monkey business.

One big question is whether election integrity was solid in Biden's win or did Trump lose to an elaborate system to stop a second term. He was besieged by the media and the left, who challenged his claims' validity through his tenure.

Georgia Public Broadcasting verified that Gov. Brian Kemp and Republican Party chairman David Shafer were for no-excuse absentee voting. Now, Shafer pulled back his support of it after the severe irregularities. Kemp was mentioned in his support of photo ID requirements, is reserving judgment on how the amendments will help in voter reform, said the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Republicans were outmaneuvered by the Democrats, making it easy to deny Trump's win and deny damaging election integrity. Democrats want absentee voting allegedly to set up the midterms in their favor, but the GOP would have none of it. According to the Brennan Center, if no excuse for absentee voting was entirely accepted, other states are moving to change their electoral system.

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