Georgia Election Reform is not sufficient according to what Donald Trump spoke on the matter. The recent election bill of Georgia went under fire from the White House criticism, followed by denouncements from Coca-Cola.

Election integrity is the major concern of many states that are getting media attention. Another is the attempt by the Democrats to loosen election laws.

Georgia Election Reform needs more force

Last April 5, former President Trump unleashed on Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Geoff Duncan by asking the lawmakers to lessen the effect of election reforms passed in March. Instead of doubling down on protecting voters they don't strengthen it enough, reported the Epoch Times.

Trump expressed dismay in a statement by his Save America political action committee.

"Too bad the desperately needed election reforms in Georgia didn't go further, as they originally approved Bill did, but the Governor and Lt. Governor would not go for it."

One of the reasons why the ex-president said the Georgia election bill was not complete was due to incomplete piece of legislation that did not have signature matching relevant fraud preventing measures. Trump added that it could have been passed before the 2020 Presidential Election, but it was not given any attention by Gov. Brian Kemp and Lieutenant Governor Duncan when needed most.

Last March 25, the Georgia Governor signed an election bill that took away signature matching for mail-in ballots, this was one point Trump argued was necessary. Instead, the new Georgia Election reform law forces any voter to have a driver's license, state ID, or any photocopy of valid ID. After 2020, Georgia is avoiding another replay of it again that had cases filed on election integrity.

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According to several election experts, the bill needs more provisions to cover the loop hope in election rules. Former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline in an op-ed shortly after the bill was passed, arguing that the new legislation does little to prevent the injection of private funds into election infrastructure. There should be more oversight on the funds that go around during elections.

Sources say that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave about $400 million in last year's elections to local election officials. Claims were made that it funded leftists supporting Democrats in swing states said, AG Klein.

Some election experts say the bill doesn't go far enough to protect the integrity of the elections. Former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline wrote an op-ed shortly after the bill's passage pointing out that the new law does little to prevent the infusion of private money into election infrastructure. 

The passing of the election integrity laws in Georgia got assaulted by the Left. Two firms like Delta and Coca-Cola said in separate statements that it was against minorities that were kept from voting because of an ID. In addition, Major League Baseball moved out of Atlanta because it did not agree with the election bill.

On Monday, Trump said that companies against Georgia Election reform be boycotted and backlashed. He added that Democrats like to push Georgia Republicans around, especially when an ID is needed to vote. The passing of the election law needs more articles to add more protections that protect voters' rights.

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