The US Air Force Secret Aircraft called the NT-43A 'RAT 55' was seen for the first time at classified 'Area 51'. It was spotted flying over the Mojave Desert.

Area 51 is where many X-planes and never-before-seen aircraft are usually housed. Thus the security around the location is extremely tight. Seeing or capturing images of confidential aircraft is not something that happens every day.

US Air Force Secret Aircraft 'RAT 55' spotted by accident

According to sources, the RAT 55 is usually stationed in the highly-classified Area 51 facility. It's been kept under wraps by the Air Force ever since it was in service. The plane is modified from a USAF Boeing 737-200 and has a distinct shape that identifies it, reported the Eurasian Times.

Many think that the 50-year old plane is parked at Area 51 or the Tonopah Test Range Airport in Nevada, USA. The real place it usually stays is not confirmed by the Air Force or military authorities. Online aircraft trackers have data representing the rarely detected RAT 55, which was only a few years back.

The Radar Aircraft Testbed (RAT 55) is equipped with large radar extensions and called a 'flying signature measurement aircraft'. It was recently sighted when the USAF had a flight over the Mojave Desert, located in the southwestern United States. The US Air Force Secret Aircraft was identified with the front and back of the extension because of its mysterious radar functions.

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It usually flies with stealth planes at higher altitudes and ranges that civilians cannot access in the desert. Up to now, the USAF is discreet about some of its activities. Planes like the RAT are not in full view of the public nor what tech it uses to do its job.

Who built the RAT 55?

The NT-43A was manufactured and designed by more than one company, one of them is American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin's famous Skunk Works division produced the stealth fighter's designs, and also Goodyear Aerospace.

One can call it a top-secret aircraft that is not fully understood based on the Boeing 737 aircraft sometimes used by the Air Force. In 60 years, roughly 10,000 Boeing 737-200s were built with the Air Force using them for a variety of missions.

What is does the RAT 55 do?

The top-secret plane is used to test new planes or new radar absorbing material (stealth material) on stealth planes. Unspecified specifications of its protruding from and back end are radars, with infrared energy detecting devices to test real flying conditions of new or existing stealth planes. It records real data to help on what repairs and depot-level work is needed to maintain stealth capable planes.

Why is it at Area 51?

Area 51 is a semi-secret facility located in the Nevada Desert about 135 km north of Las Vegas. It is a no-entry and no-fly zone. It was built during the Cold War and intended for the testing and designing of cutting-edge planes like the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird. In 2013, when the US government finally admitted Area 51 exists, both U-2 and SR-71 were still classified by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The newest "secret" aircraft, the NT-43A RAT 55, is currently being built and tested at Area 51 and is only one of many top-secret projects. Its existence has yet to be confirmed as the Air Force is keeping most information restricted as of now.

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