Despite the surging border crisis and the alarm caused by the failed immigration policies of the White House.  Biden's massive misstep is defended as it deepens with more immigrants worry US citizens. 

White House Still Denies Surging Border Crisis

The White House does not want to acknowledge that a full-blown crisis is at the US border. The press that was once uncritical is asking the President why the crisis is ignored.

Last Thursday, the White House reporters went full-court press on immigrants' overflowing arrival with minors traveling alone. Another is why the president keeps silent despite the pleas to know what he thinks exactly on the 'Crisis,' reported The Epoch Times.

The main White House Correspondent for CNN, Kaitlan Collins, in the daily White House briefs mentioned a valid point why the crisis exists. Border patrol officials are saddled with more than 3,700 unaccompanied minors. Collins said that these minors traveling alone would spend four days in the border stations. She asked Psaki why the complete denial.

Psaki responded to Collins' question, which did not answer the question directly, instead skirted the issue again. Despite called for Biden's intercession, he still is not on point.

She added that the president is not ready to decide on the surging border crisis spilling over negatively. Despite the urgency of the migrant children and criminals' entry, he has to mull what needs to be done.

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The safety at the borders for the flooding migrants is supposed to be Biden's concern, but no action from him yet. Psaki said that the border facilities are not designed as permanent residences. An effort to get the children out of the centers will be next in the White House agenda.

Psaki gave an additional statement to the border issues, and this is part of it. The focus is on where the issues started, and there is no need to play games. This meant that the president is serious about solving the border problem. Allegedly, Biden's critic is making an issue of the border crisis that would not have happened if Trump's orders weren't recalled.

 During the last 21 days, the Customs and Border Protection had met 435 unaccompanied children daily from 340 children before. Increased influx of unescorted minors is suspected to be the doing of criminals and Mexican cartels profiting from an ill-advised open border.

 According to the Border Patrol, last February, even a week of frigid weather has caught a record number of 100,441 illegal border-crossers on the southern border. This was the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) report, which added that 26,000 escaped them. Jaeson Jones, a former Texas Department of Public Safety captain, gave the CBP information checked by the Epoch Times.

One report asked Psaki comments on the statements of Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador. Obrador said that many migrants are expecting Biden to admit every single illegal migrant looking for asylum. He said something must be done with Biden's policy to solve the border crisis that was curbed during the Trump administration.

Psaki said that Mexico is part of the answer to control the surging border crisis. Solutions to reunite minors with family in the states are in the works, but the border crisis is there.

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