The Mexico border wall not getting finished is causing problems for many ranchers right along the wall. They said Biden should finish it to illegal crossing one and for all.

When the Trump administration and its policies were abandoned by the Biden administration, there would be drastic effects. Leaving the wall in gaps would be trouble from the other side of the border.

Flooding migrants flow in droves

Illegal immigration has never been this serious, as the Biden administration's open-border policy made an awful impact. A signing of presidential orders took away the protection of the wall by ending the construction of it. Next, the cattle ranchers of New Mexico are at the mercy of illegals crossing into their land, reported Foxnews.

Sections of the border wall were built along with Russell Johnson's property during President Donald Trump's office, prioritizing the border barrier. When Joe Biden entered the White House and stopped the wall's construction, which left a hole three-quarters-of-a-mile wide open, this gap allows illegal immigrants to walk right through it.

In an interview in Watters' World, he said that it was not a good feeling that his ranch was where the illegal immigration traffic went through. The gap was on the right south of his house, so all the Mexico border traffic is seen with illegals daily. He added that he needed to be armed with a firearm all over his property to be secure.

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People like Johnson have lived near the border for generations and never experienced such fear of elements from it. His family has owned the property for 100 years, and it's under threat now.

Border patrol members are too few to cover the wide stretch of the US border and Mexico. This crisis ignored by Biden has made it worse, and migrants are crossing illegally without getting stopped. At this time, the Biden administration denies there is a crisis at the border.

When it comes to catching illegal immigrants, the border patrol made their capture by allowing them to move north. They will be caught by these agents a bit further from this point. While this style of catching illegal immigrants is used, the rancher says these elements in a three-mile stretch terrorize them.

What Biden should be doing

Biden should do, said the rancher when he spoke to Watters, is to finish the wall and its sections. Added that the wall is just a plain wall when completed. He indicated the addition of extra monitoring equipment, light systems, and integrated camera towers. He also mentioned that a complete wall is the first step in securing the border, with everything needed for it.

Many say that Biden made a big mistake of altering border policies that have put him in hot water. According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, all is well out the border. Biden has yet to answer questions about the border, like his recent visit to a DC business when he ignored the question.

Johnson said stopping the wall at the Mexico border is a mistake that made his family less secure. He is only one of the many who suffers from Biden's Border crisis.

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