A caravan of migrants at the US-Mexico border is seen wearing shirts asking Biden to let them in. This comes as the entry of more immigrants gets the Biden administration into hot water.

On the shirts were slogans asking Biden who has reverse Trump's executive orders. The border situation has sunk into the chaos that local law enforcers are at a loss.

The immigration policy of the Biden administration has caused massive caravans going to the US border. These people had a message to allow Biden to let them in when many in the United States are not okay with it, reported the Epoch Times. 

People at the US border wearing the printed Biden shirts came from Central America and other places. They were seen in the San Ysidro crossing port in Tijuana, California.

When Biden got inaugurated on January 20, the influx of people with children at the US border with Mexico has many illegal aliens allowed into the U.S. The immigration policy of Trump was thrashed by Biden, who increased the number of illegal entries, even building a wall that helped.

All the policies that controlled illegal immigration were rolled back as a warning was issued against reversing it. One of the requirements to enter and seek asylum is to have it process in the country of origin.

To make things worse, more than one of Trump's border security measures was overruled. One concern is all illegal aliens will have a freeze deportation order by the White House. 

Biden aggravated dangers exposed by aliens from a country with terrorism. The migrants at the US-Mexico border are a concern.

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Now the border wall will present security challenges to states alongside it. It makes Americans infuriated that Congress will allow 11 million illegals or more to be US citizens in a deal. Many issues burned the Democrats with this concern, especially how 'Natural and Naturalized' Americans disapprove of it.

Disregarding Trump-era concerns that proved effective was questioned by the GOP and conservatives. One consensus is the DEMS are not sincere about this and more concerned that Biden wants to do an Obama-style administration.

Sources say that Biden promised 25,000 migrants in Mexico for asylum to be formalized by the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program. Their cases need to be resolved first before approved.

Those against it say the rollback is questionable rules that were not under discussion. Many illegals immigrants are in flagrant violation of US borders and crossing illegally in record numbers. All because some allege that more illegals admitted are move voters for the Democrats.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS), Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, it was a challenge that was getting managed. However, the numbers were overwhelming, to say the least.

Biden answered point-blank, saying that they can handle the immigrant and border problem. 

Begging for mercy to enter a guarded border, the immigrants kneeled at the same time, reported Chapines USA. No one knows who provides the shirts for migrants at the US-Mexico border but some were for sale online.

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