In his second apology for sexist remarks that ignited a global outcry, Olympics is now troubled as they are currently searching for a new chief five months before the lighting of the Olympic cauldron after Tokyo 2020 Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori resigned on Friday. Aside from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori's resignation has further eroded the confidence of the public in organizers' capability in pulling off the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Search for a new Chief

According to Reuters, the group's executive Toshiro Muto shared in a news conference that there will be a committee that will be created for the election of the new Tokyo 2020 president. He also added that the committee will consist of an equal number of men and women, and centered around athletes.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee CEO, Muto, also shared that they need to pick the next president as soon as possible but did mention any specific date for the selection. The 77-year-old Tokyo Organizing Committee CEO also stated that the new president needs an experience in either the Olympics or Paralympics or can be both and also has a high level of understanding in terms of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, NBC News reported. Moreover, the gender equality issue has put the spotlight and the global attention in the host country.

Gender Issues

Despite former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe championed the policy of 'Womenomics,' many activists and women in the country are saying that Japan has still a long way to go in terms of gender equality, especially in its workplaces. In addition, Mori ignited the issue when he mentioned during an Olympic committee meeting that women talk too much, and despite the requests to vacate the position, he initially refused to step down, Shine reported.

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But on Friday, in his second apology, Mori admitted that his inappropriate comments caused big trouble and he said sorry for that. He also added that the most important thing for him was the success of the upcoming Tokyo Games.

However, on Thursday, before he stepped down and admitted that his comments were inappropriate, Mori fanned the flames as he asked the mayor of the Olympic Village, Saburo Kawabuchi, 84, to take over his job. The said request from Mori had sparked another public dismay regarding the possibility of another octogenarian man in the position, but later on, reports that Kawabuchi turned the job down made the public at ease.

Based on a government source, they have agreed that they cannot give the impression to the public that things have changed unless they will be installing a woman in the position or see a generational shift. In the initial reports of some news agencies, the seven-time Olympian and pioneering female lawmaker, Seiko Hashimoto, was among the candidates who will be replacing Mori.

Seiko was born just days before the opening ceremonies of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, that's why her first name is based on the Japanese term for the Olympic flame. However, Hashimoto stated that she had not been asked to replace Mori as the chief and her country is still focusing on the preparations.

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