One of the Chinese residents in virus lockdown goes after one of the pandemic control volunteers. It ended badly with the volunteer getting assaulted fatally.

Some of the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is not always physical but mental. This incident in China shows that.

Last February 3, a death from a stabbing incident in northeastern China happened. Sources say that it was caused by the flat resident who did not want to leave with the pandemic volunteers. The resident had a knife and assaulted the volunteer, who got stabbed fatally. The incident was reported by the Epoch Times.

It created a dangerous situation for pandemic volunteers. Especially when it comes to controlling and retrieving agitated and fearful individuals

The dead volunteer was identified as Zhang, working as a guard in one of the residential areas in Hulan district Harbin. One of the residents named Chen, wanted to leave the place, but lockdown rules forbid anyone from going.

Zhang attempted to stop the man, but somehow a knife was in the hand of the assaulter. Trying to stop Chen ended in the stabbing of the security guard. The injured man was rushed to the hospital, but his wounds were fatal. He was DOA or declared dead on arrival by authorities.

Heilongjiang, a northeastern province, has been ravaged by the CCP virus as it returned to the sender. Most of the areas in Harbin are in wartime mode to fight the coronavirus. Chinese residents are in virus lockdown indoors to prevent further spread and infection to the people.

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 According to lockdown policies in the Kangle community in Hulan district, where Zhang was stabbed to death, the implementation of the lockdown rules is strict. Everyone is restricted to their homes and are not allowed outside under any circumstances.

Stabbing in Kangle

More specific details were revealed by the outlet how the stabbing went down.

Based on reports from the residents that said it was an accident that went wrong, one witness said that Chen had to buy medicine outside, but Zhang stopped him. The resident was incensed at the guard then went back with a knife. Even the guard did not expect the violence that followed when he was stabbed several times by the enrage flat owner.

The resident said that most of the flat owners were ordered indoors by pandemic chiefs. To keep any unit with a positive family member, a paper strip kept everyone inside at all times. One resident said that the Kangle is locked down since January 19 and considered high risk by authorities.

He added that the elderly should stroll every day, and it would not be a serious concern. Another, there won't be a problem with social distancing when outside. Many of those in the Kangle had several tests, about four times now.

Chinese voice what they think

The Stabbing in Harbin and the Kangle community spread like wildfire on Chinese social media. Thoughts of many Chinese on the stabbing incident was posted on the net.

One said that lockdowns are imposed too much, sometimes volunteers are on the rude side and no empathy for the locked down. There might be more kept, according to a post. Chinese residents in virus lockdown are not all okay, and the stabbing is an indication of it.

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