On Friday, the authorities reported that the U.S. Capitol Police made an arrest at a security checkpoint in Washington after a man showed an unauthorized inauguration credential and a sweep of his vehicle uncovered an unlicensed handgun and also more than 500 bullet rounds.

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Such arrest occurs as police officers have sought to reinforce Washington before Wednesday's inauguration because they think extremists, prompted by the Capitol assault on January 6, could try to trigger another violence. In anticipation of the swearing-in of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., a heavily armed 'green zone' has been built downtown, members of the National Guard are invading the area, and a metal fence has gone up from around Capitol grounds.

As per a federal law enforcement agent who had asked to remain anonymous as he was not allowed to talk about the arrest, the arrested man, Wesley A. Beeler, 31, was a contractor, and the credential appears to be legitimate. A Capitol Police spokesman has stated that the man had displayed somewhat of a "non-government" credential.

About 500 rounds were also found by investigators, including a pistol magazine, shotgun shell holster as well as hollow-point bullets. The Glock was even reportedly packed in the chamber with a round. A bumper banner on his truck also says, "if they come for your guns, give 'em your bullets first."

An indictment in the D.C. Supreme Court states that, when passing a checkpoint Friday, Wesley Allen Beeler had a half-automatic Glock gun in the middle armrest of his camion. According to the police report, he submitted an "unauthorized inauguration credential."

"The credential presented was not authorized to enter the restricted area," the police stated.

In an interview with Mr. Beeler's father, Paul Beeler, had stated his son belonged to a security detail that operated alongside the Capitol Police and National Guard.

When questioned if he was feeling that his son was promoting a peaceful power transfer, Paul Beeler replied, "That's the reason he's there."

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The court has freed him on personal identification, as per the Independent U.K. news, yet given a restraining order from the district. He cannot return to the city legally unless he sees a lawyer or appears at court.

The service representatives of National Guards are joining the growing military intervention in the nation's capital, with up to 25 000 personnel anticipated for the ceremony on January 20 after a deadly Capitol violence and reports of more unrest. 

According to an officer of the administration, government agencies sought to prevent several citizens who violated the Capitol with firearms earlier this month from heading to the city, even including limiting their capacity to board commercial flights, according to an officer of the administration.

The National Mall is no longer accessible to the public over the 2-mile stretch from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol. Barricades have also been installed across the Capitol.

Despite for the sake of security, President-elect Biden has denied a request to take the inauguration ceremony indoors. His inaugural committee was already preparing for a virtual coronavirus scaled-back event.

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