Parler, an online app, was banned and censored by a big tech allegedly fostering violence on its platform. Before this, platforms like Twitter and Facebook weren't editing leftist posts; only conservatives were affected.

 The free-speech platform got shut down last Monday after several big media companies that include Amazon, Apple, Google saying the app violated their rules.

 When Twitter decided to cut conservatives off their platform, Matze's online app saw a huge jump right after blocking the app from Google, Apple, and Amazon on their servers right after. This was when the app became inaccessible for users, reported NTD.

 On Sunday, the Parler app CEO, John Matze, in an interview on Fox's "Sunday Morning Futures," said tech firms joined together to ensure that users could not access the apps. He added that servers were going down and off the internet.

 He added other companies and a law firm that represented his firm, stopped the retainer. Most of these businesses are in concert after the ban.

 They attempted to kill the apps and to annihilate the company he made. It was not just those three companies; others offered vital services halted on the same day. He added that most of the firms aligned against them were framing them falsely.

Matze told The Epoch Times that the unilateral action against his firm last weekend would have legal action to follow against Apple, Google, and Amazon. His app Parler got censored by Big Tech that is a bad precedent in Section 230.

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 Man critics point out the Parler app is encouraging violence according to their censors. One of the more profound claims is the platform used by those intending to disrupt the capitol on Jan.6. But, there was no way to do that said Matze. The violence is posted on Apple and Google, but the app was removed from online stores.

 The free speech platform is trying to get back online in the soonest time. The Parler CEO cited that the ban has affected even their vendors who are afraid of these tech monopolies. If Google or Apple gives a thumbs down, no one wants that. These firm hold needs to be regulated.

 At the time of Reporting, both Apple and Google evaded any comments to clarify their position.

 Parler's Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff interviewed "Fox & Friends," she said that work is done to settle the issue and mentioned it might take time to get back online.

After removing the parler app on Google, and later Amazon was concerted in removing the app. For example, Amazon demanded that data be migrated in 24-hours from notice. The CEO commented it was unreasonable and impossible.

Later, Amazon said there was no collusion with Google and Apple to boot out the app from their servers. Apple stood by its policies and said the abandoned app had violent content and violated terms. But critics if the tech firms say otherwise.

Matze mention these firms action intended to shut down his will do to the same others. He now calls for the withdrawal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act for tech companies to be rescinded. After Parler got censored by the big tech, they may not stop there, especially in the US.

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