One day after the declaration of congress, Make America Great Again and Trump supporters feel that media and big tech conspired to block the election's outcome. After January 6, hope stays that it is just the start of a long fight to reclaim America.

 January 6 was a shocker for Trump loyalists as the event on Capitol Hill and congress's certification of results. The next day feels the change.

 Most of the protesters who supported their right choice are leaving, and the Capitol has a fence. The national guard is still deployed, reported the Epoch Times.

 According to Marine veteran Tony Good, a Floridian who saw President Trump talking at the Ellipse in the morning. Saying that his detractors twisted Trump's word, and he did not ask for violence. The media went all out to misconstrue the president's words for the nth time.

 Explaining further violence was not implied. A fine line between inciting people to riot stands up for convictions too. He told the Epoch Times that the president does not want a riot but to protest on beliefs. It was all about the right to protest, and causing social disturbances is not the message. That is a right for all Americans.

 He went back to his hotel and left his group after the speech. He was not able to go to the Capitol.

It is the start of a 10-year war; it will take that long to right what happened on January 6. He says that it won't be easy citing it as a war to return to America as it should be.

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Many cringe at what kind of United States will exist when it is not Trump for another four years getting elections that are fair and not lacking integrity characterizes the one declared by congress.

Adding that it will not be that easy, and the powers are keeping it from happening. They are the ruling class and what to control and rule everything. Relevant issues are kept from Americans and buried.

The event in Washington, D.C. was expected, and many changes will be seen. One, in particular, is censorship on Twitter and Facebook. Just the start of a long march for everyone concerned.

The system is evil, so regrouping is needed to pull back and plan. Another Trump loyalist, Elizabeth Rowell, went to D.C. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to exercise her right. Just like good, she said that Trump never incited violence or rioting. She felt safe with her fellow Trumpers and added they were true patriots.

She chanted the USA and sand the national anthem with fellow Trump admirers; she went there to hear the president who towered over his Democratic opponent. The media gave a biased version of Trump's admirer, which made Rowell feel bad. Many media outlets have been unfair in their reporting.

Rowell added she came with Trump supporters to uphold the USA. The election was stolen and denied the one confirmed by congress as not her president. She doubts if the gaffe ridden ex-VP can lead as well as Trump.

Make America Great Again is not done yet because of Americans who support their true choice.

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