Rep. Nunes Wants to Investigate Big Tech Companies after they collude to have Parler banned from their platform, since the banning of Trump and his supporters on Twitter and Facebook. 

 One of the alternative apps, Parler, has been scrubbed by Apple and Google. Unlike other tech firms, the said app did not censor conservative views, unlike those keen on limiting the platforms' communication.

 According to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), one of the top GOP representatives in the house on Sunday asked for a racketeering investigation of leading tech firms that have imposed a monopoly, reported NTD.

 During the weekend, Parler removes from Apple and Google, gaining followers after social media companies were actively curtailing freedom of speech. According to Nunes, these companies have violated several antitrust laws, civil rights, and the RICO statute.

 Nunes pointed out on Fox News "Sunday Morning Futures" that a racketeering investigation is appropriate for everyone who helped attack the "Parler" app and those who use it to express free speech. He pointed out that those responsible are not done and will do more limitations on freedom of speech.

 After the Capitol incident, Twitter banned President Donald Trump and other users who were conservative. Parler gained more traffic; Google shut it down. Next, the app was removed arbitrarily and followed suit by Apple. Next, Amazon took down the app as well.

 The CEO of Parler, John Matze, remarked to The Epoch Times legal action would follow after these tech firms' actions. Nunes added an investigation to probe these possibly criminal actions is essential. Getting Parler banned suspiciously is one reason why Rep. Nunes wants to investigate big tech Companies.

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 He explained that Amazon, Google, and Apple have colluded to silence Parler that fosters free and open social media that was the opposite of Twitter and Facebook. These companies eliminated a platform for free speech. Conservatives have no venue, while liberals and the left are free to express themselves.

 Nunes asked where is the Department of Justice is at right now, or the FBI where are they now? When other times, they would be on point.

 He added the CEOs of these companies are acting above the law; they should face criminal persecution. Mentioning that other Congress members are mulling over how to deal with overstepping tech firms bordering on illegal actions. At one point, he requested the Supreme and Federal courts to step in.

 The CEO of Parler, John Matze on Fox, said that it was a concerted action by Apple, Google, and Amazon to take down access to apps and shut off their servers from the internet. It all happened quickly; the website was gone on January 11.

 After the event, The Department of Justice, Apple, and Google were silent when asked for their comment.

 According to an Amazon spokeswoman, there was never collusion with Apple and Google. One of the reasons is that Amazon Web Services (AWS) censored Parler for violence on their website. Another is they violated the terms.

 AWS said that the content on Parler was categorically offensive in a broad definition, yet they decided that Parler needs to regulate the content. They said the platform incited violence.

 Parler banned from servers is why Rep. Nunes wants to investigate big tech companies and sentence those involved in controlling freedom of speech.

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