Kim Kardashian West's left ring finger was unclad in recent social media photos she posted on Monday for the purpose of promoting her SKIMS line's hosiery collection. The post comes in the midst of reports her marriage to rapper Kanye West is at a breaking point with a looming divorce.

The reality star posted the photo on Instagram, but it was not her new line that drew much attention.

Kim Kardashian Not Donning Wedding Ring

All eyes were on her left hand's bare ring finger, which the 40-year-old gently placed on her face for everyone to see as she lounged on the floor.

The post comes after Kardashian laid relatively low on social media for the previous week as reports broke of the potential impending split. In one snap, the make-up mogul lounged on her closet floor, donning a black hosiery bralette and semi-sheer tights, giving a sultry stare to the camera.

According to Kardashian's caption of the images ahead of the line's January 14 launch, "We're changing the game and launching gravity defying tights and hosiery solutions that sculpt, smooth and never lose their shape," reported Us Weekly.

She also disclosed new information regarding the line on her Instagram Story on Monday. There, she wears a diamond band on one hand, but it is not easy to see whether the band is the one West slipped on her finger.

The nail in the coffin to their marriage was reportedly her musician husband's bid for the presidency. Her six-year marriage to West is currently hanging by a thread.

Back in 2020, fans were concerned when West ignored Kardashian when the pair were caught on the Kiss Cam at a sports game.

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According to The Sun, "Kim and Kanye are arguing and at each other's throats during this pandemic. Kim is getting stir-crazy, as she's used to being on the go. It's also a lot of time alone with the kids for her."

After posting, Kardashian came back to Instagram to pay tribute to her longtime best friend, Allison Statter, for the celebration of her milestone birthday. The mother-of-four shared a series of photos of the pair. One of the photos displayed her sans wedding ring.

Kardashian greeted, "Happy Birthday to my bestie of 40 years @allisonstatter." She added she would not know what to do if it was not for her friend, that she inspires her, and that she loves her, reported

In another photo, she sat cross-legged, wearing a different nude shade of the SKIMS lingerie, and held her bare left hand up to her face without the wedding ring.

When she hopped on her Instagram Story to expound about the new SKIMS collection, she seemed to be wearing a simple diamond band on one hand (which is not clear if it was from West).

Kardashian's left hand is obstructed in another photo, in which she is donning her new collection's black tights.

Videos of her wearing the nude items show that she does not have on a wedding or engagement ring.

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