Despite the voiced displeasure with the direction of the team on several occasions, the strenuous relationship between superstar James Harden and Houston Rockets continuous to deteriorate as the teams are just hours away to the 2020-21 NBA season tip-off.

It is not the first time that 'the Beard' had made a move for him to be kicked out from Houston as he reportedly requested for a trade from the team to jump to a championship contender team right away.

However, the Rockets organization is in no rush to ship off their face of the franchise for almost a decade as they want to ensure an adequate package will materialize for the possible trade.

Since then, 'the Beard' has not shared that he would remain professional within the hands of the Rockets as recently, tensions rose between him and his teammates.

According to a CBS Sports, the one-time regular-season MVP has reportedly been involved over in verbal arguments with his teammates during latest practices on Sunday and Monday as one of which was escalated further after Harden threw a ball at rookie Jae'Sean Tate after a heated exchange between them.

The said situation did not transpire into a much worse situation as the ball did not make contact with Tate, but it is being viewed by the management and his teammates as uncharacteristic behavior.

Aside from that, there is also a possibility that the situation is just a result of two competitive teammates that had a moment during practice but the recent behavior of Harden says it all.

The offseason for the Rockets is a bumpy ride as it started with the departure of their head coach, Mike D'Antoni shortly after their second-round exit in the playoffs after defeated by the then crowned champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, general manager Daryl Morey also stepped down in his position, NBC Sports reported.

Then started the discontent between Russell Westbrook and Harden, with the latter saying if he will not be seeing any changes then he would rather play on a team that wants to be a championship contender.

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On the other hand, Westbrook reportedly was not happy about the casual culture that existed within the Rockets organization and the special treatment that Harden receives =, as the Beard was not being held accountable when he would show up late on practices and team flights when they are playing away games.

Westbrook was traded to the Washington Wizards in exchange for John Wall and to satisfy both stars as Westbrook wants to be traded while Harden no longer wants to play with his former teammate in OKC.

Despite the Rockets executed their latest trade based on Harden's preference, the star still wants out of Houston as he prefers to join either the Philadephia 76ers or the Brooklyn Nets, he even mentioned Miami Heat or Milwaukee Bucks, ESPN reported.

Among the mentioned teams by Harden, none of them showed any chances of materializing the proposal, as the Miami Heat reportedly ruled out of talks with the Rockets, but it is still not final yet.

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