A tabloid reported that actress and host Whoopi Goldberg is preparing to quit "The View" due to her on-camera fights and backstage squabbles with conservative co-host Meghan McCain.

The said tabloid also reported that Goldberg planned to revive her acting career by joining the cast of the new "Star Trek: Picard" series.

Whoopi Goldberg "fleeing" The View

On December 2019, the tabloid Globe reported that actress and host Whoopi Goldbery, who is allegedly fed up with her rude and mouth "The View" co-host Meghan McCain, was about to quit the gabfest as she is tired.

Now that Goldberg was able to get another acting gig with the new "Star Trek: Picard" series, the actress was already planning to leave the popular daytime talk show that she had been on since 2007.

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An unnamed source told the outlet that Goldberg is telling her friends that she wants to leave "The View" and that she is really unhappy and every day brings upset in her life.

"Miserable" Goldberg tired of feuding with "rude" Meghan McCain

The unnamed source insisted that Goldberg had been miserable after all of her on-camera feuding and backstage bickering with Meghan McCain.

So as soon as she got the offer to reprise her role as Guinan, the bartender on the USS Enterprise from "Star Trek: Picard" star Sir Patrick Stewart, the actress immediately jumped at the change.

Goldberg's willingness to jump ship and leave the talk show behind has the bosses at the talk show feeling panicked, according to the source.

Now that the bosses are on high alert and are doing their best to please Goldberg. They've told the actress that they are prepared to increase her salary and to get rid of Meghan McCain instead.

However, sources claim that it is too little, too late. The unnamed source concluded that Goldberg is tired and she feels that her health has suffered in the last year, and sees a return to acting as a welcome relief.

It has also been several months since this article was published, and Whoopi Goldberg has yet to leave "The View" despite the Globe's almost weekly insistence that she will leave the show.

The tabloid has long exploited the heated exchanges on-camera between Goldberg and McCain to claim that Goldberg is planning to quit the daytime talk show.

While it is true that the two co-hosts have often been at odds over their different opinions on the show, neither host has shared any intentions of leaving the show. There is also no mention of them feuding or any other issues.

Also. based on social media postings by Meghan McCain, there are no bad feelings over their onscreen clashes, so the feud theory between them is not true.

The site Gossip Cop has recently busted the tabloid for claiming that Meghan McCain was plotting her escape from the show because of the animosity between herself and her more liberal co-hosts.

The tabloid's report was false and it is not true that Goldberg is feuding with the rest of the hosts of "The View" and all of the hosts are still on the show.

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