Hollywood power couple Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are having marital problems according to a tabloid. The tabloid claims that Weisz was on the edge of walking out on Craig, her husband of almost 10 years.

Craig's attitude is too much for Weisz?

Tabloid NW wrote that Weisz's and Craig's marriage is hanging by a thread. The Australian tabloid insisted that the actress was ready to blow a gasket over being forced to wait on husband Daniel Craig after he injured his ankle on the set of his new James Bond film "No Time to Die."

NW asserted that Weisz had to balance caring for her teenage son and their young daughter while also dealing with her husband's diva demands.

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According to the unnamed source, the couple have all the money to hire help, but he is so protective of his privacy that Craig would only have Weisz.

After having to deal with her husband's diva demands, which the tabloid did not elaborate on, the actress was crying out for a break. The unnamed source said that the Weisz was so close to walking out, but thankfully Craig got better and went back to work so he is out of his wife's hair.

Is Weisz about to end it with her husband?

The source stated that the whole incident left a bad taste in the actress' mouth and it made her view the "007" actor in a different light. The source added that Weisz felt suffocated being at Craig's beck and call and it made her see him in a different light.

The actress is now hoping to get their relationship back on track since Craig has now fully recovered and is back on set, according to the unnamed source.

So is it true? The site Gossip Cop noted that the lack of relevant detail is what gives this article away as false. The article did not state what made the whole ordeal so bad, what Craig's alleged diva demands were and when Weisz said she had enough of their marriage.

Also, it is important to note that Craig only injured his ankle, which does not require intensive care. All he needed was a lot of rest and physiotherapy. Weisz son is already a teenager who can take care of himself and does not need looking after anymore.

The two British actors have remained married and there were no other tabloids that claimed that the two are splitting up. This makes the whole article even more bogus.

For years, numerous tabloids had tried to claim that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz's marriage is strained, but never gives any evidence nor name any reliable source.

The National Enquirer is also another tabloid that always pushes false rumors like this. Just this summer, National Enquirer claimed that Craig's drinking during the quarantine period had caused trouble in their marriage, but that was not true at all as the two remained married.

The tabloid was also behind the rumors that the couple had their first child together as a way to save their marriage. But that was not true at all and the couple had planned to start a family as soon as they were married.

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