Large phones have ruled the globe during these times, but some users remain to value one handed-usability of a phone that could fit into their pockets. Enter the iPhone 12 Mini.

Fits in Your Pocket

The miniature version of the iPhone 12 is wonderful because it is not big but truly small. Some users for a long time have wanted Apple to create a real small iPhone that emulates the size of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, or iPhone SE.

As the compact phone is smaller than the smallest of smartphones in 2020, it is expected to have a smaller battery cell. The tech giant's 12 Mini is equipped with a 2,227 mAh battery cell that is nearly half the battery size of many Android predecessors, reported Phone Arena.

Over the previous five years, producers have forgotten about tiny devices convenient to hold designs and displays that you could reach all corners with simply one hand. They have looked toward phones with bigger screens, bigger cameras, and simply a larger overall footprint, reported Tech Radar.

However, early iPhone 12 mini users are reporting a rough experience with their miniature new smartphone. The iPhone 12 mini's touchscreen reportedly has a quite unresponsive lock screen.

To explain it, the malfunction manifests for most purchasers when swiping up from the lock screen's bottom using their thumb to unlock the phone or when pressing camera buttons or the torch on the lock screen. The display does not often recognize the swipe up or press in order to unlock, reported MacRumors.

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The smartphone model is the smallest and the least expensive from the lineup of four iPhone 12 models. While the iPhone 12 Mini's battery capacity stands at 2227 mAh, the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro's battery capacity is 2815 mA, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max's battery capacity is 3687 mAh. 

The iPhone 12 mini is designated for people who could afford a flagship phone and prefer one that is small and convenient to carry around. This type of people do not spend hours on their smartphone screens but would like to have all the camera capabilities and processing power of a modern flagship. 

In video reviews, one needs to see the device alongside other devices to have a feel of its small size. It could potentially be an issue for people who prefer their iPhone to last longer on one battery charge. 

The dimension is 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4mm. Shorter and narrower than any other iPhone, including the SE, it is more than a nod to the iPhone 5's flat sides factor. 

This 2020, Apple raised our expectations when the tech giant released a new iPhone SE that placed the brains of the iPhone 11 Pro into the iPhone 8's smallish form. Although it is solid for the price, it features a three-year-old design. 

The battery of the iPhone 12 Mini has a duration of 5 hours and 10 minutes, playing back videos recurring from 100% until the device runs out of battery.

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