Apple is slated to officially reveal its first computers powered by custom Arm-based silicon chips at its "One More Thing" event on Tuesday. The tech giant is vowing the new chips would deliver bolstered performance with less power consumption. The switch also means Apple computers would support native iOS applications because of Apple's A-series mobile and tablet chips sharing 64-bit Arm architecture.

First Computers Powered by Custom Silicon

Apple Macs are about to brandish themselves with a brain transplant. Apple is expected to declare its next generation of computers on November 10.

Tomorrow would be Apple's last media event this year on November 10 at 10 am PDT. "One More Thing" is a pre-recorded event because of the COVID pandemic and Work From Home measures, reported iDownload Blog.

Like other events in 2020, the company would hold its presentation virtually from Apple Park. There are options to watch the presentation: You could head to Apple's event page or watch on YouTube.

The following Macs are wont to be named the first Apple Silicon Macs: 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air, and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Processors within the Macs will be based on the A14 chip within the recent iPhone 12 lineup and iPad Air. 

This summer, Apple made an announcement that it would begin using its own chips in its new computers. At the 2020 WWDC, the tech giant stated its 15-year partnership with Intel will eventually end.

The launch event does not have an expected runtime but it is imagined it would not run over an hour or so as Apple has already unveiled much of its new technology at other events in the course of the year.

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The launch of the Apple silicon-based computers on Tuesday is not a surprise; Apple said at WWDC in June it would ship the first Mac with an Apple-designed CPU by the conclusion of 2020. Naming the event after Steve Jobs' iconic phrase reportedly indicates the tech giant believes this will be a remarkable moment for the company.

Unlike the laptops and desktops it has sold for the previous 14 years, an Intel chip would not power the new computers. They will be using one similar to the iPhone and iPad chips.

Courtesy of AirPlay, you could follow the event on a screen while listening to it on your AirPods, HomePod, AirPods Pro, or Hi-Fi system connected to an Apple TV.

It is suggested you visit the Apple events page now then click the "Add to your calendar" link to download the event.

We would possibly get our first look at the Mac lineup with Apple Silicon chips and be informed of the official release date for macOS 11.0 Big Sur. Apple may also reveal the AirTags Bluetooth trackers. 

There was no mention of Mac desktops with Apple Silicon to be showcased in the "One More Thing" event.

The progression to its own silicon for Mac translates to no more being dependent on Intel and CPU delays. This would allow Apple to become more vertically assimilated.

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