Americans are not going nuts; it's just that they are anxiously waiting for the results of the United States Presidential election, and staying calm is a bit of a challenge. Mainly because turn out of the events are a bit contentious, and they are still unsure who will lead them as we are all facing pandemic.  

Their anxiety is ordinary courtesy of the mail-in ballots cast due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the waiting agony even longer. In fact, according to mental health expert Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, "The challenge is this comes on the backdrop of so much uncertainty in so many arenas -- health, business, economic, social."

Americans are encouraged to find a way to get mentally healthy as a recent study of the American Psychological Association or APA shows that more US citizens are losing sleep concerning politics now than in the past. They are experiencing sleeping problems, augmented general anxiety, amplified prickliness, and other physical indications.

Results show that "more than two-thirds of US adults (68 percent) say that the 2020 US election is a significant source of stress in their life, a large increase from the 2016 presidential election when 52 percent said the same," indicated the release, reported Shondaland.

Below are some bits of advice for them on how to stay calm this elections period:

Tame Social Media Exposure and News Consumption

Generally, the use of social media and reading news is beneficial. However, dragging yourself on the results of the recently held election is not healthy as it will only make someone anxious, thus, limit social media and internet use.

Leave Negative Thoughts Behind

Once you left your polling station, whatever happens next is out of your control. Thus, do not linger on any negative thoughts because it is not healthy. If there is any, let go of any desire to control everything. Remind yourself always that not all things can be handled and move forward.

Move and be Physical

Studies show that moving or exercising releases our hormones that combat stress, so go back to the activities that make you engaged and focused. Add some music that soothes your mind and promotes tranquility within you, and voila, a healthy reason is on its way.

Get Some Sleep and Fresh Air

Recent studies show that not having enough sleep promotes depression, anxiety, and other sleep disorder make a person lose their neutrality. On the other hand, getting the right amount of sleep keeps our brain cells healthy and functions well. 

Fresh air and picturesque views put our minds at ease. Since it's the time of the year that our leaves begin to turn, leave the election proceedings to the authorities, and focus on getting yourself centered.

Relax and Meditate

Try doing breathing meditation as it helps nurture mindfulness for a healthy mental state. It is a method of beginner contemplation to reduce anxiety, therefore calming your mind. Start by setting aside 15 minutes of your time daily, focus on your breathing, then breathe in, and breathe out at least 16.

Enjoy Election Day Freebies With an "I Voted" Sticker

During US Election day, many restaurants offer discounts forbearers of I voted stickers. So, after spending so much time researching and deciding who to vote for, enjoy these perks. After you cast your vote at your designated local polling station or sending your ballot in the official dropbox, unwind in one of the many local restaurants featuring discounts for those who have practiced their civic obligation