The Halloween season has arrived. We have witnessed from television shows and films that the occasion is a ritual for characters to partake in. You could find costume inspiration from iconic characters onscreen.

Sought after Halloween costumes need not be heavy on the pocket as well. Your Halloween costume should be recognizable and very easy to recreate at home for Halloween.

The holiday is different this 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those with imposed restricted guidelines, they could still feel the urge to dress up with their family or lockdown bubble, reported Lake Shore Lady.

1.Wonder Woman from 'Wonder Woman 1984'

When "Wonder Woman" premiers in theaters, she would be a golden goddess. For your depiction of the Amazon woman with the Lasso of Truth, you would need all gold in every inch of your ensemble, reported Refinery29.

You could wear a gold jumpsuit or gold leggings complemented with a leotard. Go big or go subtle for the wings.

2. Daenerys and Jon Snow from 'Game of Thrones'

For Daenerys, a long snow-white hair and impeccable winter clothing would transform you into the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen. Do not forget to curl your long locks with an accompanied dragon as an accessory, reported Pop Sugar.

Jon Snow is one of the most iconic characters on TV. Being Jon Snow should be under the radar of many people this Halloween season. Buy the largest faux-fur coat, brandish your curly hair or slick it back into a low ponytail.

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3. Sadness from 'Inside Out'

"Inside Out" is an animated comedy film wherein in the mind of a young girl, named Riley, the sadness emotion is personified by a little girl with blue colored hair donning an oversized knitted sweater.

This is the most wearer-friendly costume. No matter what your size is, you could pair it with blue pants and a gleaming blue bob wig. Do not forget to add round glasses to finish off the look. Bonus: The sweater could still be worn on cold, winter nights.

4. Black Widow from 'Black Widow'

For this costume, you would need serious activewear.

Black leggings would do, but moto leggings have a utility quality. One black long-sleeve shirt underneath a black puffer vest showcases more protection. To complete the ensemble, add a gold belt and gold cuffs to complete the superhero's prequel outfit.

5. Robin and Steve from 'Stranger Things'

Robin's Scoops Ahoy outfit is the most noteworthy; a blue-and-white striped shirt, a white collar on top, and a navy vest.

For Steve, you would need his iconic Scoops Ahoy outfit, luscious brown locks, and a brooding stare. Add an ice cream scooper to complete the ensemble.

6. Edna from 'The Incredibles'

For superheroes, there is one lady who has their gorgeous outfits meticulously stitched.

To depict Edna Mode, wear a little black dress, put on a black jacket, and roll a red scarf around your neck. Next, pick a pair of thigh-high black stockings and wear a pair of round glasses.

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