For scary tech stories, real-life events could be better than "Stranger Things" for your next storytelling session on the upcoming Halloween. Add some variety to your session as these are not your traditional around-the-campfire-material stories.

Technology can be very beneficial in our daily lives. But what transpires when technology captures something that should not be seen or heard (including the supernatural)? indicated Live at PC.

1. Facebook Settings

Simply take a look at your Facebook settings and the amount of data you shared with the social media platform, advertisers, and other users. Practically everyone has a tendency to share TMI or "too much information" on Facebook. This includes your name, address, photos, posts, and where your kids go schooling, reported Texoma's Homepage.

Simply go to your settings and take the privacy checkup.

2. Cindailah Mana

Malaysians are aware of the song "Cindai" by the iconic Siti Nurhaliza. The song was released in 1997 and is allegedly haunted. Stories indicate you should not sing the song when you are alone at night or your solo could become a duet with an unwanted visitor.

One story of such is that a person heard bizarre noises coming from an old broken unplugged radio in the library playing "Cindai."

3. The Good Samaritan

You have your antivirus software installed, your data backed up, and you regularly update. Then you receive a message from Microsoft  that you have been hit with ransomware, reported Leaderquest.

A notification informs you to call technical support. A woman instructs you in setting up an anti-ransomware software for $300 and you fork in the cash. The next day while sipping your morning coffee, you watch the news and see a story about a local scam.

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4. The Demon in the Databases

A person was cleaning up old tables in a database and observed a table with a peculiar table name. He thought that it was something experimental from the past and deleted it.

Five minutes later, he started receiving e-mails from his app users that their business plans were deleted. There are an estimated 26,000 business plans on his apps. They are business planning apps, the reason people use them. The number one function of the app was wiped out.

5. TV Watches You Back

Did reading "1984" in school imbue you with a deep-seated paranoia? It could be yours now as today's smart televisions have surveillance capacities George Orwell would find favorable.

Samsung was seared for collecting private communications and transferring the recordings to a third party. Vizio was commanded to pay $2.2 million after it was caught overseeing the "second-by-second" viewing habits of 11 million television viewers for two years without consent, reported Curvature.

6. Messing With the Students

A girl was studying in Japan. The majority of the exchange students including herself abruptly started experiencing problems with their laptops and Wi-Fi connection.

Batteries could not charge, their keyboard could not function. Their dorm was reportedly haunted that it was formerly an extension of the hospital next door. After returning to Malaysia, her devices worked just fine.

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