Semblances of ghosts and spirits have been claimed by many people. They have had weird sensations of witnessing shadows or shapes in their peripheral vision. While you may a tough nut for such a paranormal experience, was your curiosity piqued by the type of ghostly apparition you encountered?

Not all paranormal encounters are equal as there are varying types of ghosts out there. Learning about each one will let you know what to expect if you come in contact with one. After all, humans have been able to conquer life's mysteries, but death remains unconquered. There have been numerous theories about life after death but nothing has been evident.

Ghosts and Spirits

Cryptic footsteps, disembodied voices, and moving objects could insinuate spirit presence. This list will offer you remarkable insight into the type of ghost that haunts you and if they pose a threat to you.

1. The Interactive Personality

This type is the most common of all ghosts spotted. It comes in the form of a deceased person, a family member, an acquaintance of a stranger, or perhaps even a historical figure.

They appear to people in a variety of ways. They could be seen by the naked eye, speak or make noises, touch you, or emit the smell of perfume or cigar smoke to pique your attention.

2. The Poltergeist

The poltergeist is boisterous with the ability to alter the physical environment. It could open windows and drawers, move chairs, and push books off shelves.

The occurrences start off mildly and the activity would intensify. At times, it would naturally leave but in other situations, their presence will end with fatal aftermath.

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3. Traditional Apparitions

These ghosts reportedly hide objects, throw objects, or appeal for help. Such ghosts are reportedly present due to unfinished business.

This could be blamed for their death in untoward circumstances that they seek human help to tackle the issue and progress into the higher realm.

4. Residual

Residual ghosts repeatedly do the same movements, make the same noise, in the same location while not interacting with anyone. This is a rerun of a past event from their life.

Many of these residual paranormal activites are an end product of an event or series of events significant to the ghost.

5. Animal Spirits

Animal ghosts are spirits of deceased animals. They are regularly dogs or cats but there have been sightings of other animals including birds and horses. 

Animal spirits are rarely harmful and are typically gentle but they cannot be interacted with.

6. The Ectoplasm or Ecto-Mist

If you have witnessed a mist that practically looks like it is whirling, you could be observing what paranormal investigators label as an ecto-mist.

This vaporous cloud often appears many feet off the ground, moving swiftly or staying still. Such encounters can be white, black, or gray captured in videos and photographs.

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