New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated on Tuesday that notwithstanding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, trick-or-treat on Halloween will not be canceled.

The Festivity Will Go On

According to the governor, "I would not ban trick-or-treaters going door to door. You have neighbors -- if you want to go knock on your neighbor's door, God bless you and I'm not going to tell you not to. If you want to go for a walk with your child through the neighborhood, I'm not gonna tell you you can't take your child to the neighborhood," reported Fox News

Trick-or-treating is the highlight of festivity for many children. On the prohibition of trick-or-treating out of extra vigilance during the pandemic, Cuomo said that he does not think the banning of the tradition is appropriate.

Cuomo Will Offer Advice and Guidance

The New York Governor stated that he will offer his "advice and guidance" and allow families to decide how they will celebrate Halloween. The declaration arrived after officials in Los Angeles County, California, announced and then walked back that trick-or-treating would be prohibited.

Los Angeles' Implementation

Cuomo's remarks came after Los Angeles last week banned Halloween activities, including trick-or-treating, but later revised its measures to indicate that celebrations are permitted but are not advised.

Cuomo's Advisory

Cuomo advised families that "you will make a decision what you do that night," reported Fox 13.

New Jersey's Implementation

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy implied that their state would not cancel Halloween trick-or-treat.

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Monitoring Data

Whether the New York Governor would weigh in on the holiday has not been made clear. According to his office, officials are overseeing data to guide potential future decisions.

Concert Venues

Cuomo announced that concert grounds including Madison Square Garden and comedy clubs remain to be too dangerous to reopen.

According to Cuomo, "I am not in this job to cause people pain, so help me God, I want to say yes to everything," reported ABC 7.

He added that he would like to see jobs and the economy to restabilize. "We are not out of the woods. Everyone is feeling confident, good. Cocky is not good, and we are still in this."

Lt. Governor's Views

According to Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul during a stop in Cheektowaga on Tuesday, "I think we just want to let families know there is some sense of normalcy for their kids whose lives have been so disrupted. I think the governor is trying to say we'll leave it up to parents to decide what's best for their children on Halloween," reported WGRZ.

Some people had assumed that Governor Cuomo would prohibit trick-or-treat by executive order after decisions from local government officials in other states to prohibit the door-to-door tradition amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mayor in Springfield, Massachusetts is defending his decision to cancel Halloween trick-or-treat.

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