New Orleans, Louisiana, the authorities say that an El Salvador Immigrant Wearing Devil Mask killed his GF and her sister. With the viscera on his neck during his rampage that belonged to one of his victims.

 The killer identified as 23-year-old Oscar Urias, who wore the devil mask as he slew his victims. He used a

 machete to end the lives of his girlfriend, Elizabeth Tornabene, 31, and her 15-year-old sister, Hattie. On October 25, an argument between Urias and Tornabene led to a violent ending said the New Orleans Advocate.

 According to St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre, the argument happened at their residence in LaPlace. He added minutes later the girlfriend ran from their bedroom, Urias had a devil mask. He caught up to her and slashed her using machete-like knives. Tornabene got killed, but Urias was not done, reported Meaww.

 He also harmed his 15-year-old brother and a 17-year-old sister, who tried to stop him from seeing what he did his victim. They were visiting from Baton Rouge. The sheriff added that he stabbed his siblings in a blind rage, noted AP News.

 Sources say that he chased his brother and the 15-year old sister of Tornabene and chased them to the garage a distance away. He cornered his GFs sister there and butchered her, taking her innards too. The crazed Urias wanted more, and he tried to force his way into a terrified neighbor's home.

The neighbor feared for his life and said that if the crazed killer got in, he'd be dead telling Nola. He noticed the bloodied machete and heard the cries of the slaughtered teen earlier. The terrified 63-year old-man said that he heard the doomed girl say that she'll be killed.

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Investigators spoke to the terrified neighbor who said that he saw the girl's innards hung on his neck like an ornament. Hattie's corpse was taken from the driveway by the authorities after the El Salvador immigrant wearing a devil mask, eviscerated the victim too.

 His neighbor said that his eyes made him look like the devil himself. Urias is from El Salvador and entered the US as an illegal immigrant. The charges after his devil mask rampage are two counts of murder in the first degree and two of attempted first-degree murder. Sheriff Tregre added that the accuse has said yes to the slaying.

 The father of the slain women, said on October 27, his deceased daughter took in her last year. Adding Elizabeth described Urias as sweet and loving, nothing abnormal. Rocky said that he seemed okay, and the victim judged character well. He was puzzled about how Urias went bonkers. Insisting the victim would not live with just anyone, unwell in mind.

One of the victim's friends, Carrie Fortenberry, 32, said that Urias was good for Elizabeth. Noting changes when she was with Urias, he did comfort her and supported her. She thought the pair was perfect together. Urias's turnaround was not expected by her.

Reports say that the sibling sister in critical last Monday at a hospital in New Orleans. The brother is okay and is allowed to leave the hospital on October 25. Sheriff Tregre calls the El Salvador Immigrant wearing the devil mask the worst killer, noted WRBZ2.

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