Shanann Watts, the murdered wife of Chris Watts, had allegedly sent from the grave a clue of hers and her daughters' murders, as seen in the documentary "American Murder: The Family Next Door" that aired on Netflix.

The documentary tells how Chris Watts had murdered his family--wife, Shanann Watts, and their two daughters, Bella,4, and Celeste,3, in 2018, so he could be with his mistress, Nichol Kessinger.   

According to Netflix viewers, the dead Shanann Watts had alerted the police of what had happened to them, pointing to a segment of the documentary.

A video clip of that segment from the documentary is making the rounds on the internet. Fans of the Netflix documentary were pointing to it as the moment that Shanann Watts had given police a clue on what had happened to her and her daughters. 

The clip showed the convicted murderer watching the CCTV of his neighbor when he was acting that he did not know what had happened to his family.

As the CCTV was turned off, images of a fetus and a skull flashed on the screen. Fans believed it was his wife sending a warning to the police inside the house, noted Scottish Sun.

This video clip was captioned, "Chris Watts stood next to the TV in his neighbors' home while the police watched the CCTV footage." 

When the men were talking, the viewers alleged they saw what looked like a skull floating in oil on the LCD screen.

Many of the viewers believed that it was Shanann Watts' message, linking the fetus to the fact that she was pregnant at the time of her murder. He had buried her in a shallow grave.

They also linked the skull floating in oil to Chris Watts's confession to suffocating to death his two daughters, Bella and Celeste, and cold-bloodedly placing their bodies inside an oil tank.

Fans, who saw the documentary, were convinced that the wife did send a message from the grave when they were filming. 

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Facebook users alleged that it was indeed a message from the deceased wife from beyond, mentioned NZ Herald.

Revisiting the Watts family murders

Police to this day doubted the sincerity of Watts.

During the trial, the killer admitted to choking the wife after he told her that their marriage was at an end, and she replied that he would never be able to see his daughters again.

Chris Watts also said that his daughter Bella had come into their room after he had just strangled Shanann and had asked what was wrong with mommy. He had told her then that mommy was not feeling well.

He wrapped Shanann's body in a blanket and placed her on the floor of his truck's backseat. He then also made his two daughters sit in the backseat.

Driving to the oil tanks, he then smothered them to death and slipped their bodies inside the oil tanks, cited the Mirror.

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