A Tennessee couple accused of severe child abuse had cruel treatment that left a dead daughter and one son kept in a filthy room for 4-years. Charged in court, they denied it and pleaded innocence despite what the cops saw.

 In Roane County, a horrendous couple with charges of 42 instances of abuse and torture on their foster children. One girl, aged 10 to 13-years, her skeletal remains found in 2017 on their lot. Despite all the proof, the monstrous couple pled innocent.

 Michael Anthony Gray, Sr., 63, and Shirley Gray, 60, said the charges were untrue when they were in court last Monday on October 26 in a Roane court. Sources mentioned they abused their foster kids gravely. Not only did they lie about causing death, but they also stole the money given for her care. In December, they are going back to court, reported Meaww.

 On May 22, 2020, the Grays were investigated by the police when the criminal couple got exposed accidentally. The Roane County Sheriff's Office checked a report that a boy was found who did not know his parents or his home. They went to the home of the Grays. The Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS) is contacted, cited 10News.

When interviewed, the couple did not even know the child had been missing; officers mistrusted what they said. When taken from the house, the boy told everything. He said that his parents enslaved a 15-year old boy in the basement. They abused a girl until she died, buried in the yard that was concealed.

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Police interrogated the evil couple who kept the information about their daughter and son from the police. According to them, the girl about 11 years old died in 2017. They locked her in the basement till she died from malnutrition and abuse. Michael said the teenaged- son was imprisoned for 4-years, noted WVLT8.

Authorities say the demonic couple hid the boy. The room he was in had filth, both human and animal waste unfit for anyone. Worst of all, the boy had no running water, lived worse than an animal. He was the eldest foster and barely fed enough food and water by the Grays, mentioned 1057News.

Two of the children were treated bad and put in dog cages by the sick couple. Police say they were poorly fed with stunted growth, said the warrants. The deceased girl was in the basement for stealing food because of hunger, then dying later starved by the Grays. All children were home-schooled, the couple claim.

 Another search warrant found the remains of another child, Jonathan Knox that they lied. Police think that he passed away in 2015 or 2016. More checks into the child's death are underway, and the Grays are yet to be charged for it.

Last May, the Department of Children's Services 'commissioner Jennifer Nichols' said that the Grays' case is terrible, the abuse they heaped on the foster kids, and killing two of them. The cruelty they displayed is offensive, but the rest are under the department's care. The Tennessee couple, Michael and Shirley Gray, will be dealt with by the law. But the evil couple pleads innocent.

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