Prince William has mastered the art of being a royal that there is practically no bad press published about him. Even so, there is a surprising thing that bothers him regarding his role.

He also made an appalling confession regarding how he feels about balancing his public life with his private life in an unearthed report. Now, he has more of the public gaze directed upon him following his brother Prince Harry's bombshell announcement in January that he would be renouncing his royal duties for good.

In the past years since marrying Kate Middleton and having three children, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis, Prince William has been accustomed to his role as the future Crowned King. The Duke of Cambridge has been taking his royal responsibilities more seriously.

Special Treatment

According to the duke, he does not like "special treatment" and would prefer to live in a normal way in his early years. However, special treatment is inevitable for a man who is second-in-line to the throne.

No Control Over His Life

While Prince William has been enjoying the advantages of his status to use his platform for important causes for him, he divulged that it was difficult not to have control over his own life.

In a 2011 episode of BBC Radio 4's "Profile" centered on the prince, journalist Chris Bowlby observed during his early interviews that "there was a sense of an adult trying to establish how far he could really be as normal and independent as the photocalls suggested," reported Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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According to Prince William in the podcast, "I really do want to be in control of my own life and if I don't agree with what someone's saying or someone's pushing on me, then I won't do it. I'm always open for people saying that I'm wrong, because most of the time I am, but I hate losing control."

Walls Between Private and Public Life

As the successor to the throne following his father Prince Charles, he has had the great responsibility of being honed to one day reign his entire life. He has often sought out normality and has regularly drawn up lines between his private life and professional life.

In the wake of his younger brother, Prince Harry, and sister-in-law, Meghan Markle's  exit as senior working members of the British royal family, it has dawned on Prince William how much capacity he is going to need to help take the reigns of the royal family.

In an interview when he was aged 18 and was a volunteer in Chile, he explained the reason he liked being at Raleigh International, "I don't like being treated any different at all. I don't like special treatment. Which is why I think I get along with these guys so well as well," reported Express.

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