Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stunned the public with their decision to renounce their membership as senior working members of the British royal family. Royal followers and critics were dumbfounded, while members of the royal family were in denial.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex lost their HRH titles and Sussex Royal brand. They have since then relocated to California.

Meghan Markle Was Taking Megxit Seriously

According to royal writer Robert Lacey concerning the situation, the royal family did not think the Sussexes were "serious" about stepping down from royal duties. "Harry had been talking to his father and brother saying, 'Look, we've come to the conclusion we quite like Canada. We'd like being on the side of the Atlantic. We think we want to stay here for a bit, but we think we can still say Royal,"' reported Marie Claire.

The historian's memoir "Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult" navigates through the brothers' dynamic over the years. He noted that a conversation transpired before Prince Harry and Markle going public.

Lacey remarked Prince Harry's notion to create the Sussex Royal brand as a form of compromise or a new form to expatriate the Firm was brushed off, reported News Opener.

His suggestion that he could still represent the royal family in Canada at that time was also simply set aside.

Lacey continued, "It was sort of offhand. They didn't quite believe they were serious. It's [like], 'Put it down on writing paper or chap, you know, sends us an email, and we'll think about it.' And we know this cause Harry himself and the other palaces have agreed that, like, this must have happened," reported Yahoo.

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The biographer said Prince Charles and Prince William did not deny the discussions with Prince Harry.

The former royal couple's decision came over a year after they were married in the United Kingdom in May 2018.

The royal family has not commented on the claim.

After their announcement of renouncing royal duties, Prince Harry and Markle lived in Canada prior to relocating to Los Angeles in March with one-year-old son Archie. After four months, they purchase a new Montecito mansion in California.

Prince Harry attempted to tell the royal family his feelings, and they reportedly declined to listen.

The relationship between Prince Harry and his family has been tainted. However, the Duke of Sussex plans to return to the UK for the holidays with the Duchess of Sussex and Archie unless the COVID-19 pandemic restricts them. According to a source, there is plenty of tradition surrounding the holidays with Prince Harry's family.

Prince Harry and Markle were also reportedly "edged out" of the royal family due to their "rock star" status. This threatened to eclipse Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.


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