Netflix has gradually but surely been adding shows to their Greek mythology-inspired lineup. The crowd favorite "Percy Jackson" is not on the streaming platform, but original mythology-based series are coming.

For fans of the supernatural mystery "Constantine" show, if you believe that you need more supernatural mystery content, Netflix Originals could pique your interest further.

Here are our recommended shows to anticipate or stream on the streaming giant:

1. 'Blood of Zeus'

 This Ancient Greek-inspired anime would premiere on Netflix in late October. Created by Charlie and Vlas Parlapanides, the new series is about Zeus leading the Gods of Olympus in vanquishing the Titans who had cursed them, reported Mainframe Comic Con.

This resulted in giants being released into the world. The Eastern army would view Greece as their next anticipated overpowering.

2. 'Gladiator'

"Gladiator" is an epic historical drama wherein Russell Crowe plays the character of a general deceived and sold into slavery by a power-greedy Roman Emperor's son.

The narrative, intense combat scenes, and brilliant soundtrack are recommended. One song recommended from the soundtrack is "Now We Are Free," reported Cosmopolitan.

3. 'The Order'

Secret societies and furtive magical rituals are the most apparent in this series. There is much more to unveil from this show. Much like Constantine, "The Order" brought by Netflix maintains the consistency of tensions throughout each episode. The prevailing magic and mystery have much of a Constantine vibe, reported FandomWire.

Jack Morton is the newest initiate into the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a furtive magical society. He intends to avenge his mother's death.

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4. 'Spartacus'

This television series was prompted by a Thracian gladiator who spearheaded a major slave revolt against the Roman Republic.

The three-season show features politics, brotherhood, and betrayals. One charm is that there are plenty of eye candy men. Scenes are bloody at times as it is a show about gladiators.

An episode per day or night would help you finish watching it in one month.

5. 'October Faction'

In this series, supernatural meets X-Files and was inspired by the life and times of a monster-hunting family. Fred and Deloris search for paranormal creatures and shield humanity from threats toward humans.

The first 4-5 episodes of the first season with 10 episodes are about getting into the event of hunting. After the 4th sequence, the pacing gets quick, but the curiosity to push on is underscored.

6. 'Pompeii'

Kit Harrington plays the character of a Celt raised as a gladiator following his village's wipeout by a Roman senator. Becoming a young man, he is transferred to Pompeii and was made to fight for his freedom while igniting a romance along the way. "Pompeii" by Paul W.S. Anderson offers both an ancient and modern presentation in 3D.

Seven gladiators die from his blows, which exhibit the lead character's skills. When Mount Vesuvius erupts, everyone gets chastised for the sin of watching slaves combat each other for enjoyment.

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