"The Social Dilemma" explores the probable harm of social media and how we are reliant on our screens. Rotten Tomatoes' Jacqueline Coley summarizes the film.

Upon watching Netflix's documentary "The Social Dilemma," one could not help but take interest in the former employees of giant tech companies who stayed to make adequate money to retire at 30 or so before suddenly "seeing" the light.

The documentary provides adequate information and a number of people are not aware of the issues addressed, reported Medium.

Downsides of Social Media

The public is aware of the disadvantages of social media: how such apps and websites feed into our continual addiction for the platforms which cross the borders of our privacy and data. But maybe we have never quite understood the issues thoroughly -- that is until "The Social Dilemma" premiered, reported Buro.

Horror Story

The Netflix documentary tells a horror narrative regarding how social media is creating political extremism and driving young people into addiction and depression.

However, it never tells signs that such problems have causes beyond the use of Facebook and Snapchat -- and the probability that what we see on these platforms depict the reality of a dysfunctional society, reported Jaconbig.

Perhaps before your first attempt at watching "The Social Dilemma," you acted wrongly, meaning your Twitter feed was open because you scrolled other people's experience of the film before you watched and your Facebook feed was open because you were brainstorming for work, simultaneously looking up outfit ideas on Pinterest.

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In a few minutes, you would come to the appalling dawning that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

Digital Technology

Digital technology has evolved our lives, bringing forth productivity we once could scarcely have endeavored. Alongside it are real dangers. parents, psychologists, sociologists, and parents have regularly expressed concern about the long duration people spend scrolling their feeds, especially on their smartphones.

Negative Effects of Social Media

This includes depression and suicide, manipulation, addiction, and increased prevalence of fake news. With "The Social Dilemma" having been released on Netflix on September 9, it consists of interviews with numerous individuals who have worked inside the tech companies providing social media platforms we use in our daily routines.

Fearsome Situations

One author said that he ran past a woman on his jogging route. The application that he uses to track his fitness and performance reportedly tagged the woman. He tapped on her face then the app displayed her full name and a map of her jogging route (insinuating that she lives around the area).

What makes 'The Social Dilemma' Stand Out?

We have witnessed films chronicling social media's effects previously, notably with Netflix's "The Great Hack" that focuses on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica information scandal. What makes "The Social Dilemma" makes its mark is its grim voice of addressing and tackling social media issues.

According to a former Google employee Tristan Harris in a very TED Talks dictum, social media poses a "checkmate on humanity."

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