Joe Biden reacts after a long silence about the scandal that alleged to have caught his son Hunter Biden, undeniably guilty. He slammed the campaign against his son as a GOP ploy to discredit him.

Before discovering Ukraine, crack, and sex, the laptop scandal probe mentioned Hunter's dealing with Burisima, but the Democrats fought it. This treasure trove of evidence has put the Democrat running for president in the public crosshairs. It prompted the angry response over it as the American public wants the truth, reported The Sun.

Last Friday, after a report threw him the question about the embroiling scandal, he told the reporter it was another smear campaign. Period. No other details when he told CBS journalist Bo Erickson after a Detroit sortie.

A New York Post article released last Wednesday has a picture, plus videos of him in his son's Ukraine dealings. The media has been asking for comments about the dubious nature of the deal made.

 Biden's handlers have denied that both Bidens are not implicated in any manner or any felonies in the Ukraine Deal. Just two weeks to go, this charge carries weight on his candidacy.

 Allegedly the source is Rudy Giuliani, a known Trump supporter who got the hard drive from a computer technician in Delaware. Hunter left his laptop and forgotten that had the implicating evidence.

 During Hunter's time in rehab for drug addiction, emails are included with his dad's emails in 2019. Overall, the hard drive had a lot on it that leaves too many questions for both Bidens.

The ex- Obama Veep expressed dislike of Bo Erickson, whom he has encountered before on his oval office quest. Erickson has been following Biden since his 2020 presidential bid.

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October 2019, he joked the reporter as a pain in the neck and other remarks. He was asked about the support of super Pac.

One article in the Post that was published before. It had screenshots of IMessage's to his dad. Hunter called himself an addict that was not worthy of trust.

An exciting exchange was saved in the drive, dated February 24, 2019, two months before Biden became the winning democrat nominee.

 Hunter Biden wrote, "Well dad, the truth is as you and Hallie point out - I am a f***ed up addict that can't [sic] be...Trusted relied upon nor defended." He wanted his father to run because of this statement, "If you don't run ill [sic] never have a chance at redemption."

 The release of the data leak was according to the New York Times on the U.S. intel telling Trump that Giuliani is the Russian leak. It is supposed to undermine Biden said U.S. intel.

 But Giuliani said the evidence came from John Paul MacIsaac who discovered the data in the MacBook Pro of Hunter.

 Ap soon after, followed with a report that the FBI asked if the emails were evidence or not from Giuliani's trips to Ukraine. He was seeking proof of Joe, and Hunter Biden's complicity or criminal activity told AP News.

 The AP Report leads to reports in other news outlets of Hunter Biden's activities like his crack habit and the Ukraine connection during the Obama administration.

Both Facebook and Twitter have been doubted about their intention to censure the Hunter Biden scandals.

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