Democrat Presidentiable Joe Biden's family members had run-ins with felonies like drugs and driving under the influence (DUI), but none served jail time for any offenses.

Here are the instances of the charges and who got charged amongst the members of Biden's Relatives.

Felonies and misdeanors

August 2019, Caroline Biden, 33, his niece was caught for driving under the influence and without a license in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. Public records reveal that her case is active as of late. There is doubt if she'll be made to account for them under the law, reported New York Post.

All details of her arrest were kept from the public and only the ninth among Biden's closest relatives. But records dug up to reveal more serious felonies that included his brother Frank, Hunter, and Ashley.

Caroline was caught another time on her third driving under the influence. Her father is James Biden Sr who the younger brother of Biden. On September 2013, she assaulted an officer of the law at her residential apartment. The reason for the commotion was unpaid rent by a roommate, all charges were dropped when she agreed to anger management classes.

Another incident in 2017 was for spending $110,000 from a purloined credit card. Her felony charges were dropped soon after. A lesser serious charge of petty Larceny was a deal negotiated by her defense attorneys. She dodges jail time due to her attorneys, cited Best Ways News.

Did Joe Biden use his influence or not?

Nothing could connect Biden to any of the felonies committed by his family at all. No hard evidence has ever been dug up if he did help to fix these to keep everything quiet. His family members getting off the hook can be a great concern for some.

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According to Robert Barnes, a criminal defense attorney who told the New York Post that both George Floyd and Eric Garner when they died would benefit from Biden's influence. He is now the lawyer of Central Park "Karen" Amy Cooper, who according to him can resolve her dilemma and whatever crime, confirmed Dennis Michael Lynch.

When asked by his campaign spokesman TJ Ducklo, if Biden made any calls to the law to iron out whatever mess his relatives were busted for, Biden just said that interfering is rubbish.

Ashley Biden, 39, was caught with pot when she studied at Tulane University during 1999. The New Orleans police verified the possession of illegal pot, but courts register a no conviction.

A decade later, she was seen doing cocaine at a party but Biden made no comment.

In 2002, Biden's daughter was arrested for interfering and threatening statements at a brawl at a Chicago bar. Soon after, all charges were scrubbed.

His brother, Francis "Frank" Biden, 66, tried to steal two DVDs in Blockbuster video in 2003 October. He was caught but the state DA dropped the case.

He was pinned for DUI at Fort Lauderdale and it got him six months' probation. Next, he was nabbed with a suspended license, he rehabbed or it was jail for him. Another was a felony of liability for William Albano's death, owing $1 million to the family. He has been sobering recently, mentioned Daily Mail.

Another family member was his son Hunter in 1988 who was caught for drugs. Ironically, Biden had voted for the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which his son was never charged under, as well as his other family members getting a pat on the back.

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