One of the most disturbing developments for the Biden campaign is the impending release of his dealings in Ukraine. Sen. Ron Johnson remarked that the Democrat should quit the race after the report is publicized.

This is the current development from the Senate Homeland Security Committee last Monday, that he chairs. The soon to be released report will outlay every detail that will not be favorable for the candidate. Since the Ukraine incident, there have been many questions about it, especially Hunter Biden's part in it, reported New York Post.

He also mentions that in a week there will be more to know, reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

 One of the finer points in the investigation is a fine-tooth look at the employment of Biden's son Hunter at the Ukraine energy company. This is when Joe Biden was the lead in Obama's Ukraine policymaking.

 In the interest of transparency, President Trump asked that Ukraine should delve more into the activities of the ex-V and his son had resulted in an impeachment proceeding in December. But the GOP decided that Trump had the involvement of any power abuse and stop Congress. This is stopped one of the major swipes the Democrats took at the incumbent Republican, cited the BBC.

 Biden went on the offensive with his representative Andrew Bates who criticized Johnson for wasting time on the Ukraine investigation when there was the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, he pushed on further to say that it was an act of subsidizing an attack on election using tax money.

 Bates accused Johnson of his motives for linking the sacking of Ukraine prosecutor Victor Shokin with an exchange deal worth $1 billion in US loan guarantees. Also, objected to insinuations of Joe Biden's infuence on the hiring of Hunter by by the Ukrainian firm too.

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He even called the exercise a hardcore rightwing conspiracy, aimed at Joe Biden himself. Democrats shot back accusations of corruption of Shokin with an inactive probe too. Bates incepted that Johnson signed a document forcing out the Ukrainian for prosecution.

 Though the president did not say anything directly, he did retweet what the radio host Joe Pagliarulo's post. Pagliarulo said Sen. Johnson was trending because of what he had on the Democrat Joe Biden.

 Stating that the left is going all out and do not want anyone to know what skeletons are in the closet, Joe Biden hides, or how bad he is. And adding the left are furious over this. The radio host tweet had these contents.

 The President would mention that Hunter Biden is busy dealing in shady contracts that were linked to his father's position as VP. On one occasion, he used Air Force Two for personal use in flying to china, not a commercial flight. He is rumored to have accepted Chinese money for investments.

 Hunter Biden, 50, got a monthly sum of $83,333 from the Burisma Holding energy firm without any relevant experience. A rumored former addict and had a paternity test to prove he did not father a child with an exotic dancer. Even dating the widow of his brother, who died in combat.

 One interesting point in the last Trump impeachment is that defense attorney Pam Bondi cited that suspicions of Burisma's crookedness and connecting Hunter's father influence his hiring. On April 16, 2014, Devon Archer met VP Biden in the White House, two days later Hunter was hired.

If Ron Johnson proves the Ukraine report, then Joe Biden needs to step out but anything can happen.

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