A woman in a viral video was faced with the toughest of dilemmas -- whether to save a glass of wine from falling or her baby grandchild. She saved the former.

A video has been making the rounds on the internet wherein a woman, believed to be from the United States, lets a baby, her grandchild, topple to the floor while she saved a glass of wine. Although half of the glass' contents were gone, reported MSN.

The video has since gone viral.

Her grandchild baby initially took hold of her glass of bubbly that led to her having to make a hilariously difficult decision.

Wine or Baby?

The viral video was originally posted on Imgur and was entitled, "And Grandmother of the year award goes to..." The baby garbed in a striped navy onesie was with his grandmother as he tried to reach for the glass of fizz placed on the coffee table before them, reported Mirror.

This week's viral video displayed a curious toddler reaching out for a glass of wine in front of him. The woman is holding him with one arm around his waist for support, but she let go to catch the glass, reported Diaz Hub.

The footage of the grandmother and baby had been viewed over six million times as it was also posted on Twitter.

The glass of wine almost dropped before the woman's instincts kicked in, and she reached out to save the glass while her grandchild toppled to the floor, reported News Chant.

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Divided Opinions on Social Media

Some comments on the viral video indicated that the woman alleviated what would have been a more severe accident by choosing the glass because if she had let it fall, it would have shattered. 

Netizens on Twitter were divided over the lady's actions. Numerous people stated that the woman should have saved the child first, given that the child was her grandchild, while other people defended her actions. 

As shown in the video, when the woman noticed the baby reaching for the glass, she hurried to take the glass out of the infant's hand. She was so consumed with protecting the glass of wine that she removed her hand from the baby's waist. 

As the woman saved the glass, the inevitable transpired, the baby can be seen toppling sideways, and only his feet were visible in the video.

The woman made an attempt to retrieve the glass first and stop its contents from spilling, but the effort was unsuccessful. When half of the frizz spilled out, she impulsively removed her supporting hand in a bid to protect the remaining drink.

The tussle between the grandmother and grandchild over the wine glass reportedly had one winner.

A netizen with the username @T54350877 wrote, "She could've easily just picked up the baby instead of dropping the baby to save her half a glass of wine." 

In the grandmother's defense, user @Musmu1203 indicated, "If the glass fell with the baby, it would have broken and the baby would have been hurt. She did the right thing."

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