Razor blades were found inside a fresh pizza dough that was sold at a Maine supermarket. The man suspected of putting them inside the dough, a former supermarket employee, was arrested according to officials.

Razor blades inside the dough

On October 5, a customer at the Hannaford's supermarket in Saco, Maine, found razor blades inside a pizza dough from Portland Pie, according to authorities.

Products that are under the Portland Pie brand are supplied by It'll Be Pizza. The man was arrested in Dover, New Hampshire. He was an employee of the company.

The investigation has been widened as the police received other cases of tampering in Dover, New Hampshire and Sanford, Maine, according to BBC. 

On October 11, Hannaford issued a recall for all Portland Pie dough and cheese products sold between August 1 and October 11 at its 184 stores in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

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Ericka Dodge, the spokesperson of Hannaford, said that the supermarket has taken extra precaution and has expanded its recall of the pizza dough in all of their stores. The spokesperson referred other questions to the authorities. The Saco Police Department is now leading the investigation.

The suspect, 38-year-old Nicholas R. Mitchell of Dover, New Hampshire, was detained on October 12 on a fugitive from justice charge at the Strafford County Jail in Dover, New Hampshire. The jail did not have any information on whether he had a lawyer.

Saco Deputy Police Chief Corey Huntress stated that Mitchell would be sent back to Maine, where the incident happened. All charges will be revealed as soon as he is arraigned in court in Maine.

Tampering of food products

In 2019, two persons from Ohio reported finding razor blades inside their Halloween basket full of candy. One of them found a blade inside the Halloween basket and cut a finger while getting the candy on Halloween night. The person went to the hospital for stitches but was no seriously injured.

According to WLWT, the two persons who found the blades had trick-or-treated together in the same neighborhood in the Cincinnati suburb. The blades were hidden inside wrappers of two candy bars.

The same night that the two persons found blades in their Halloween basket, the police arrested a man in Connecticut after razor blades were found in the bottom of two candy bags, according to WTIC.

Authorities are now asking the public to check their food or baskets before eating or touching them for safety reasons.

In 2013, one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, Burger King, faced a lawsuit after a customer from California bit into a cheeseburger that she ordered and discovered a razor blade planted between the cheese and the burger.

After a police investigation, it was discovered that the incident was a result of a questionable internal policy by the local Burger King franchisee, which permitted loose razor blades used for cleaning to be kept in the area where food was being prepared.

The customer, Yolanda Orozco, has since recovered, according to KXTV. Burger King has paid for the damages and has since adopted a stricter food preparation procedure in all franchises.

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