An extramarital affair leads to a married cop, accused of killing his love in a relationship that lasted 10-years. He strangles his lover to keep the affair secret, according to the court records.

The accused killer of nurse Claire Parry is Timothy Brehmer, 41, who works as a policeman has kept his wife in the dark for a decade. His wife would have never found out if things happened differently.

Mrs. Parry was allegedly killed by Brehmer. He violently throttled the woman with such force in his car. He did it forcefully that he broke her neck from his anger. She died from what he did when they parked in a pub, the Sun.

The reason: he got mad and killed the victim, Parry, who used his mobile phone to text that he was cheating on his wife. Salisbury Crown Court noted this evidence against the officer.

 After hitting the victim in the car, she was unresponsive as she was in and out of Brehmer's car. Cutting himself with a pocket on his arm to make up a story, according to a source in court. Attempts were made to hide his guilt from the jury.

Reportedly, the panicked officer told someone when the incident happened that he will never see his son ever. Bemoaning that jail time will be very long and dreaded it.

The witness stated to the court that Brehmer lied with misleading explanations like claiming the victim stabbed him. Another version is he did kill Mrs. Parry and contemplated suicide too, The Guardian.

Desperate that his wife would know his unfaithfulness, he contemplated suicide if his lover told his wife. Having a rope to show her that he would end his life, told the jury. The officer was willing to try anything to keep his secret affair.

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On the afternoon of May 9, he left on that day when the Brehmer's had a cookout. Told his spouse he needed to do something at work and get steaks before going home. That day a married cop panicked and strangled his lover in a fit of anger.

He lied that he had a rendezvous with his lover at the Horns Inn pub, located in West Parley, Dorset. He was to meet Mrs. Parry a bit before 3 p.m., used work as an excuse, cited BBC.

Brehmer met the victim whom he allegedly killed in the pub car park. He did not kill her on purpose, but it was an accident trying to get her to leave his car, mention the Mirror.

According to the witness Mr. Smith, saying that the man cannot admit he killed the victim, he was conflicted.

Court records say that he informed the cops that Claire told him to check his phone. She was looking at him when he saw that she texted his wife. He was cheating on her. She did that without Brehmer knowing.

Brehmer's spouse was home and looking for Timothy, but the text arrived on her phone. Martha tried to text and call him to check what is happening. He did not answer his wife.

Martha Brehmer learned he cheated and the accused panicked because his world fell apart. The text caused Claire her life, he strangled his lover, then a married cop just lost everything. The victim died from facial blows and the neck was broken. He was filmed with the pub's CCTV.

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