A father who reported two daughters missing, kills them and hides the bodies in an oil tanker. When pitiful remains were retrieved, they had skin slippage from immersion in oil.

The deaths of the daughters of Chris Watts, 4-year-old Bella Watts, and 3-year-old Celeste Watts during the autopsy exam have been released after coroner gave his conclusions. Both girls were smothered to death by their father. But young Bella bit her tongue and cheeks uselessly resisting her suffocation, reported Meaww.

Retrieval from getting immersed in oil had a terrible consequence on the children's corpse. After the remains were taken, the bodies were washed and there was skin slippage on them,

Adulterous father kills his family

Watts, 33-years old, works in a Colorado oil company who concocted a plan to kill his wife and two kids. To hide any involvement in their murders, he told police that his family was nowhere to be found. But, his subterfuge was exposed and admitting to the brutal multiple murders when arrested. Investigators dug up proof that he was unfaithful with another employee at work, mentioned ABC.

He murders his 15 weeks pregnant wife Shanaan, 34-years old. It did not stop there, because he also killed two daughters who are three and four years old, hiding his girl's remains in two oil counters, at his work place. His dead wife had a shallow gave dug, close to where his daughters where killed, cited Kiro7.

They were last seen alive on August 13, but were found three days later on August 16. Both were killed by their father, noted Time.

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More details were found out about how he got rid of the bodies and get away with. He had to stuff the remains of the two girls into an 8-inch hole in the tankers. Their arms and legs were scrapped while pushing them in until they sunk inside the tankers. When the bodies were found, Bella had hearts and butterflies on her pajamas when she died. Little Celeste wore a pink top with diaper and underwear on.

Investigators determined that mother and daughters time of death are different. Recovering the bodies was not easy to do. They concluded that Shanann died at 5 a.m. last August 16, Celeste passed at 3:40 p.m., Bella was the last to die at 5:50 p.m. The kids were also suffocated to death while getting immersed in crude oil, that had entered their throat, stomach, and lungs.

From the autopsy there was no doubt Chris killed his family, intentionally committing homicide. Causes of death were determined as suffocation by smothering the victim until dying of losing breathe. Getting submerged in oil as a toxic substance and the decomposition of the bodies in crude oil as murder.

Skin slippage is observed in the bodies of Bella and Celeste. Their bodies were bloated, with marbled skin on their stomachs. Because of exposure to oil for several days, their skin was loose on the cadavers. Watts tried to lie and blame his wife for slaying the girls, while saying he killed her. Later on, he changed his mind to admit he killed everyone willfully.

The accused is charged with killing his two daughters, killing his pregnant wife, and other charges where he pled guilty.

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