Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt is now seared in a controversy over his alleged marriage proposal to a woman.

The woman had reportedly sued the "Once Upon a Time" actor after discussing marriage with her before escaping with her money in a catfishing scam.

The SAG Awards winner denied contacting the woman suing him and promising to marry her. He asserted that he does not know the woman named Kelli Christina.

Allegedly Scammed by Brad Pitt

The Texas woman is suing Pitt for $100,000, claiming the actor allegedly duped her of her money and made false assurances of marriage. According to Christina, Pitt reached out to her two years ago regarding raising money for several charity events and claimed that their ties got personal as well.

Christina, a healthcare CEO, said that the 56-year-old Pitt had scammed her of tens of thousands in cash. He reportedly asked for assistance in raising funds for his Make It Right Foundation, reported Sunny 98.1.

'Fooled by an Online Scammer'

According to the actor's lawyers, the woman was tricked by a scammer on the internet.

Christina indicated in the court documents that she paid $40,000 for Pitt to make five appearances in events that she organized for the charity organization.

The organization builds new homes for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Brad Pitt Not Having the Greatest Year

Aside from the scamming allegations, Pitt is also facing a custody battle with former wife, actor Angelina Jolie. The custody battle almost replaced the sitting judge as per Jolie's appeal to replace him and recently lined up new witnesses. This is another hurdle in the form of a lawsuit.

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'Fake Brad'

Aside from not knowing the woman and taking thousands of dollars to make an appearance in charity events, it is supposed that a fake Brad Pitt may have duped Christina.

According to Pitt's attorney, in truth, Christina was conned by a cyber scammer pretending to be the actor, as indicated in the court documents. His attorneys on Wednesday issued a motion to dismiss the case in a Texas court. They indicated that Pitt had never interacted with Christina.

The Plano woman claimed that they sustained a two-year online relationship, which eventually prompted her to spend $40,000 on fundraising event guestings that "Pitt" never made with apparently talks of marriage.

The initial lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in September, alleges that the 56-year-old actor contacted the 50-year-old woman in 2018 for the "the purposes of raising funds for the Make It Right Foundation, a charitable cause to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina."

As part of Christina's agreement with "Pitt," she would oversee, host, and market fundraisers on behalf of the Make It Right Foundation and that Pitt would be compensated $40,000 for his appearances, reported Central Track.

Pitt's foundation is currently reconstructing New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward since Hurricane Katrina damaged the facility.

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