Prince Charles is planning a major transformation of the monarchy. One particular plan of his is to reduce the size of the royal family by removing senior members.

Stripping off Titles

The Duke of Cornwall would like to remove titles of relatives who are farther down the line of succession. This includes his nieces Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

He is looking to revamp the royal household entirely and save the monarchy through necessary changes.

According to royal author Bob Morris commenting on Prince Charles' plans in his memoir, "The Role of Monarchy in Modern Democracy," "Reducing the size of a royal family too far could inadvertently, or deliberately, remove an important part of its rationale and whittle away at its legitimacy?" reported The News.

The prince's desire to strip off titles from relatives far down the line of succession has ignited a word of caution from Morris. His plan could turn into reality upon succeeding his mother Queen Elizabeth II as King.

He is determined to dramatically reduce senior royal family members to mere core members in what would be a remarkable change to the monarchy's formation.

The action might see him selling a couple of properties that have been owned by the royal family for many centuries.

Following Sweden's King Carl XVI

King Carl XVI from Sweden who removed royal titles from numerous members of the royal household as well is mirroring Prince Charles' decision to remove senior members of the royal family, reported Geo News.

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Morris warned that Prince Charles' reduction of the royal family's size too much and too fast could threaten their credibility.

An official statement from Fredrik Wersäll, the Marshal of the Realm, was released, "His Majesty The King has decided on changes to The Royal House. The purpose of these changes is to establish which members of The Royal Family may be expected to perform official duties incumbent on the Head of State or related to the function of the Head of State," reported USA Daily Express.

"His Majesty The King has decided that the children of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, and the children of Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O'Neill will no longer be members of The Royal House," he added.

The five former members of the royal family lost their titles of Royal Highness but maintained the title of Duke or Duchess.

More Details on the Royal Family

The memoir penned by Morris also divulged that the royal family is among the most hardworking yet cheapest among European royal families.

The Constitution Unit at University College London's study reveals that only the royal families from Belgium and Spain cost less per head of population.

The Sovereign Grant or the taxpayer money used to compensate the official royal engagements stood at £76.1 million or £1.14 per individual.

Those Who Will Not Be Stripped Off Titles

Among those who were not removed by Prince Charles as senior members of the royal family as the only grandchildren as second and third in line to the throne are Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, the two children of the Heir Apparent, Crown Princess Victoria.

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