Buckingham Palace has been featured by an online estate agent, thus posing the question if Buckingham Palace is for sale. The estate website estimated the royal residence's worth which is an appalling amount of money. The palace is the London address and the Queen's official headquarters.

Courtesy of an Online Estate Agent

The palace is also a property in the United Kingdom that the wealthiest person could only dream to own. News cited an online estate agent who set royal fans gobsmacked over the appalling sum that the property aged over 330 years old is worth.

Since the reign of George III, London's splendid property located in the City of Westminster has been the official residence of the British monarch. The royal residence has one of the largest art collections across the globe.

It stands a historical structure practically out of a fairytale located in the City of Westminster, reported The News.

Emoov is an online state agent that claimed on its website that the iconic royal structure has an estimated worth of £5.5billion.

Features of Buckingham Palace

The details of the building feature 240 bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, 19 state rooms, and has a freehold proprietorship.

Notable features of the Buckingham Palace involve its close proximity to Victoria mainline station, doctor's surgery, own swimming pool, and gated security.

The website elucidated for people perceiving this as a sign that Buckingham Palace is for sale, "Emoov is delighted to bring to market a home that is quite literally fit for royalty. Ok, so not really. But there's no harm in imagining yourself living in the Queen's quarters is there?" reported Geo News.

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Not For Sale in Reality

The estate agent's listing may give the inkling that the 317-year-old property is currently up for sale. The building has been vacated by Queen Elizabeth II amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The United Kingdom-based company stoked suspicions by its announcement that it was "delighted to bring to the market a home that is quite literally fit for royalty." However, in truth, the palace was not actually up for sale, reported Sputnik News.

The estate website clarified, "Buckingham Palace might not actually be for sale. But can you guess how much it would go on the market for should The Queen decide to sell up?"

Emoov noted that the grand palace is the most expensive ministerial mansion. The description of the palace also makes jabs at the famous changing of the guard, "Every now and then, a few guards like to swap places," reported Express.

The website has made a ranking of the expensive homes of 20 world leader residences and Buckingham Palace topped the list of the properties.

"Calculating the cost per square metre, we estimate that the overall floor plan of Buckingham Palace is around 77,000m2, which makes the cost per metre square a staggering £64,831," according to the website.

"That's almost 5000 percent more than the average price per square metre in Central London, which comes in at £11,523," it added in the case that Buckingham Palace becomes for sale.

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