In 2019, there were rumors floating around about Bradley Cooper and Angelina Jolie and how both are getting better acquainted.

Now, this rumor is circulating again, and this time tabloids claim that the two are having a sleepover in each other's houses.

Avoiding the spotlight?

NW reported that neither Bradley Cooper nor Angelina Jolie like the spotlight, so when the two go out to dates, they go out in secret and that no one else knows about their relationship except their closest friends.

The tabloid claims that Cooper would sneak into Jolie's home late at night, and he avoids every photographer in sight.

Allegedly Brad Pitt found out about the blossoming romance between the two stars and told Cooper that Jolie is a "poison chalice and to tread carefully."

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The truth

Gossip Cop busted the truth on this rumor, as independent people close to Jolie and Cooper confirmed to the news site that the story is not true at all.

Cooper and Jolie are both A-list Hollywood stars, but they have never collaborated, nor was there any evidence that Cooper was sneaking around and going to Jolie's house to have dates with her.

This was a very common story last year, and it seemed to only have been created because both stars happened to be single at the same time.

There was never a chance yet for the two to work together in a project, as Cooper and Jolie continued to work and to occupy different circles in the business.

When Pitt accepted an award at the National Board of Review, he publicly credited Cooper, who was the presenter at the award, with helping him clean himself up.

Pitt said that he got sober because of Cooper, and he had been happier every day since he became clean. Cooper and Pitt are friends, but there is no evidence that he and Jolie are also friends, or if there is anything going on between them romantically.

The term "secret sleepovers" is what tabloids like to throw around when they are discussing illicit affairs. Before the article about Cooper and Jolie, the tabloid In Touch said that Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were having "secret sleepovers."

Most recently, it was Cooper and Jennifer Garner, according to Woman's Day, who was sneaking around for sleepovers. That rumor, just like any other tabloid article, was proven to be false.

The story between Cooper and Garner is similar to the story about Cooper and Jolie. Tabloids once again claimed that Cooper would drive hours just to visit Garner in her home. The rumor started when the two stars were spotted together at the beach.

The difference is, Garner and Cooper have been friends for years, and they worked together on the TV show "Alias," but for Cooper and Jolie, there was no connection, and the rumor was so random.

Woman's Day continued to carry the torch for baseless rumors about Cooper and Jolie. It has consistently been inconsistent in its coverage of Jolie and Pitt's divorce.

Some articles claimed she was "forcing" Pitt to dump Aniston, but Pitt and Aniston are not dating, and they have been separated for decades.

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