The allegations of Ellen DeGeneres' attitude problem are far from over as they have transcended her household.

Previously, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" host had been claimed to having bullied workplace staff. The situation appears to not be different for her household staff.

Workplace Toxicity

Earlier reports suggested that the daytime talk show's workplace staff members found her lack of support for the Black Lives Movement unfavorable while other staff members indicated that she fostered a toxic work environment. A black woman claimed to have suffered from her racist comments.

'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Comeback

The 18th season of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is still premiering this fall despite Herculean reputation-damaging media attention, reported Dlisted.

The talk show will finally resume filming in its original studio of Warner Bros. and would kick off with DeGeneres herself addressing the allegations about her and the show.

'Tormenting' Household Staff

DeGeneres was reportedly pressurizing her household staff with trivial complaints and taking pleasure in sacking people.

According to an individual who claimed to have worked at one of DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi's California homes for numerous months, "Ellen was a hero of mine. I thought she was an amazing person. But before I took the position, people were warning me not to take it," reported Newshub.

An anonymous staffer stated that she ran her household "like a military-style boot camp, barking orders, and tormenting employees over tiny errors." The source added that Ellen DeGeneres' attitude problem included finding it satisfying firing staff members, reported Shared.

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Itemized List of Complaints

DeGeneres inundated household workers an itemized daily list of trivial grumbles including serving food in the wrong bowl, failing to ensure DeGeneres' latte was frothed the way she liked it, or leaving the salt shaker in the wrong place.

Laying Traps

The nitpicking talk show host would reportedly set up traps before she left for work. She would strategically place matchsticks behind cupboard doors and cushions to see if cleaners were dusting every square inch of her Californian mansion.

According to a source, "Sometimes, she would yell at us, but it was more about the incredibly condescending tone she would use. She treated you like you were nothing. She was going to torture you, and you were just going to sit there and listen to it because you were being paid," reported Baller Alert.

Contrasting Persona and Personality

The anonymous source believes is that a person's real personality comes out at home. The former staffer added that alongside her behavior at work, one could imagine how she is going to be at home when the comedian's guard is down.

Household employees rarely lasted more than a few months. A household manager was reportedly fired a mere two hours upon being hired.

They were allegedly treated like they were "nothing" and as she tortures them, one would merely sit and listen to her complaints. They would endure Ellen DeGeneres' attitude problem because they were being paid.

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