When asking others the keys to a successful transition, some people would say that they were "happily retired" while others would not even admit to being retired at all.

If you are counting down the days to retirement or are newly retired, you could be wondering how to optimize this next phase of rest in your life. There are vast opportunities, varying challenges, there are new skills to learn and necessary decisions to make.

Time and effort are the crucial elements of the retirement planning process. If you are at a young age, the steps you take today could help you achieve your retirement priorities and provide you with the favorable lifestyle you want in the later years, reported The Balance.

Specify your end goals and then think of how to save and invest to get to your destination. Fortunately, retirement investing advice revolves around explicit formulas and strategies, reported Investopedia.

What do most of us want? The answer is straightforward. We want a: Happy retirement. Healthy retirement. Wealthy retirement.

The notion of retirement is the period when you want to enjoy yourself with to fulfill a variety of life ambitions. Retirement offers remarkable opportunities to enjoy and mindfully experience a host of life adventures, reported Sagevest Wealth Management.

Here are the keys to a successful retirement:

1. Having a positive attitude towards your future

Your patience and endurance in the midst of challenges will dictate how you approach all areas of your future life.

Sociologists have specified at least six "life transitions" that will impact most people as they transition through their retirement life.

The greatest transition of all is your physicality. Looking at the mirror, it is easy to forget that old age is a physical issue and not a mental one.

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2. Maintain good health

Health is wealth as not all of us are fortunate enough to enjoy good health. Good health is a primary key to a successful retirement.

Eat healthy as the digestive system slows down with age. Monitor your intake of high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Prone to dehydration, seniors should drink large amounts of water to stay energized and sharp.

Focus on the prevention of illnesses to be on the safe side. This comprises preventative check-ups including health screenings for cholesterol levels, heart problems, and colon cancer among others.

3. Adequate income

With the recent changes in pension laws, there are necessary choices to be made. Would it be wiser for you to make money from your pension pot to spend now, or should you keep it invested in a pension for later years?

Pensionwise is an independent organization grant that lays out your selection clearly. You may book an online or phone appointment (0800 138 3944) for personal advice.

4. Create a plan and put it in writing

A ballpark estimate of your necessities will do even if retirement is a long-term goal.

Numerous experts advise 70% to 80% of your working income as a ballpark. However, this will be dependent on you and your preferences, circumstances, and health once you retire.

Calculate the amount you need to save annually to meet your retirement goal and create a monthly savings plan as a key to a successful retirement.

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