Monday's coronavirus briefing at the White House was abruptly interrupted as members of the Secret Service escorted US President Trump away from the briefing room following a shooting just outside the White House.

In a statement right after the incident, Trump narrated what he knew and said the shooting seemed to have been done by law enforcement. He further specified that there was an armed person outside the White House who was shot by a member of the Secret Service. He also added that the person has already been taken to the hospital.

Later that day, the Secret Service posted a tweet confirming the involvement of one of its officers in a shooting that happened at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave, an intersection that lies right outside the White House grounds. It was also stated in the tweet that law enforcers immediately rushed to the scene.

In addition, the Associated Press also reported that the Secret Service has specified that both a USSS officer and a male subject were taken to a nearby hospital. They also emphasized that the White House was not breached at any time during the incident and that no protectees were in danger. Also noting that an investigation regarding the encounter is still ongoing.

According to a source from law enforcement, the wounds that the male subject sustained during the officer-involved shooting were non-fatal.

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Securing the President

Amid the coronavirus press briefing that just began shortly, a person who appeared to be a secret service agent went up to the podium to tell Trump that there have been shots fired just outside the White House. The officer then escorted the president from the room.

Meanwhile, John Roberts of Fox News who was present during the briefing reported that he has heard gunshots outside the White House at the beginning of the briefing.

Shortly after being escorted out, the president returned to the podium and informed everyone present of what took place just outside the fence of the White House grounds. He also added that more information would be given later. Furthermore, Trump said that he was only taken into the Oval Officer in the White House and not down to the bunker.

On the other hand, a reported asked the president if he was rattled because of the incident, to which Trump immediately replied, "Do I seem rattled?" The president then immediately moved to discuss other issues involving the coronavirus crisis and the current situation of the economy.

Based on several sources, no threat is believed to have been directed to the Capitol after the incident in the White House.

However, despite the reassurance that there was no breach, the press was directed to stay in the briefing room after the remarks of the president since the whole White House was still on lockdown. The said lockdown was lifted at only around 7:30 PM.

In light of the incident, White House officials and Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, thanked the Secret Service through Twitter.

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