Co-actors Jay Mohr and Jennifer Aniston had amorous on-screen chemistry. However, people are not privy to the fact that the pair hardly got along behind the camera. Both had quite an abrasive professional relationship.

The "Friends" actress reportedly did not find it favorable when the "Ghost Whisperer" actor beat out her former boyfriend Tate Donovan for the role of her love interest in the film "Picture Perfect" which was released in 1997.

Mohr alleged that instead of letting her anger out on the studio, Aniston in turn displaced it towards him, reported Marie Claire.

In 2010, he stated in an Elle interview that working alongside Aniston was one of the worst acting experiences in his life.

Mohr opened up, "Being on the set of a movie where the leading woman was unhappy with my presence and made it clear from day one," reported Geo News.

Back then, he had not acted in many movies. The staff screen-tested famous men, but he was somehow chosen to play the leading role.

Jay Mohr continued regarding co-starring with Jennifer Aniston, "The actress said, 'No way! You've got to be kidding me!' Loudly. Between takes. To other actors on set." He added that he would literally go to his mother's home to cry.

A Revolutionary Change

Jay Mohr's new television show, "American Treasure," underscores his first stand-up stint in five years since his comedic style underwent a "revolutionary change." 

The 49-year-old rose to popularity acting out roles in films including Jerry Maguire, Small Soldiers, Suicide Kings, and Picture Perfect. He shared that such revolutionary change was initiated around six years ago.

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Mohr stated, "I decided everything I'm going to say on stage has already happened to me, or will happen to me. It's just living life is absurd, and the things we experience with other people -- it's crazy-making."

Jennifer Aniston Divulges She Almost Left "Friends"

Despite the household name sitcom's immense fame, Jennifer Aniston had almost quit "Friends" before the 10th season. The television series gave Aniston ample success.

In an unearthed interview with Matt Lauer on NBC, Aniston described her reasoning and how she believed that quitting at the peak of the iconic sitcom's success would be a smart decision.

She disclosed, "I had a couple of issues that I was dealing with. I wanted it to end when people still loved us and we were on a high."

"And then I also felt-was feeling-like how much more of Rachel do I have in me? ...How many more stories are there to tell for all of us before we're just now pathetic?" she added.

Numerous fans think that "Friends" dragged on for too long, exploring disputable narratives including the characters of Rachel and Joey having a romantic relationship. Other people claimed that the sitcom ended too soon.

Fortunately, Aniston decided to not walk out and eventually had bittersweet feelings regarding the 10th season. She then confessed that she of course did not want the show to end at all.

Jennifer Aniston's post-"Friends" career path was also remarkable, which involved the film "Picture Perfect" with Jay Mohr among others.

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