Angelina Jolie stunned numerous people when she divulged the reason behind her divorce with Brad Pitt. As fans let that information sink in, an update has been made regarding Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's relationship.

Pitt and Aniston grace the magazine Star's cover as the subject of a new article in its June 29, 2020 issue yet to be released.

Supporters have followed Pitt and Aniston's relationship upon their marriage in a private Malibu wedding ceremony in July 9, 2000, reported Celebrity Insider. The pair divorced on October 2, 2005 following Pitt and Jolie's affair upon filming as co-actors in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Pitt and Aniston spent 5 years of married life.

Pitt and Aniston were rumored to be undergoing quarantine together, but there is seemingly trouble in paradise for the second round, according to YDraft.

The very headline of the magazine cover of the aforementioned magazine featured them underscored by the headline, "Dumped Again: Brad Kicks Jen Out!"

Gossip Cop then debunked the narrative and stated that  Pitt did not dump Aniston and kick her out of his home, and unfortunately, they are not actually in a relationship currently.

According to the celebrity news fact-checker, the news outlet is reiterating once again the dire story alleging that they have reunited, became in a relationship and came out the other end as single one more time.

The magazine quoted unidentified sources, claiming that the "One Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor is "pumping the breaks" on "the eve of what would have been their 20th wedding anniversary!".

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"He wants a more low-key, easygoing relationship with the next woman he falls in love with. He doesn't want anyone who's bossy, needy or overly intense," a source narrated, further noting that the high-maintenance attitude of Aniston caused a rift between the pair.

The rumors were ignited when the 56-year-old actor was present at the "Friends" actress' 50th birthday, resulting to reports how cupid has struck both for another round. Neither of the two have confirmed such reports. However, the latter remarked regarding him getting linked to every woman he meets at the SAG Awards.

Reports also alleged that the former couple were slated to get married again and are looking to adopting a baby.

The source to the magazine has not remarked the duration of their time living under the same roof, but readers are wont to thinking that Pitt is the one hitting the breaks on their reunited relationship.

According to the insider, "Everyone's fully aware that she's head over heels in love with him. She was constantly having Courteney Cox and other mutual friends check in whit Brad and ask what his intentions were with her. She was too obvious and annoying."

Aside from not rekindling their romance, Pitt's presence at Aniston's birthday party was only platonic. They are on friendly terms, speaking with each other a couple of times amid their singlehood, Gossip Cop explained.

The supposed anniversary is technically more than a month in the future, in case anniversaries were celebrated by divorced spouses who are not back together. Therefore, he could not have kicked her out on the eve of the said anniversary.

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