Ellen DeGeneres is friends with numerous A-List names in Hollywood. One of them she has had a steadfast friendship with is "Friends" actress Jennifer Aniston. In one of the show's episode, DeGeneres and Aniston locking lips to garner attention globally.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" host has been under the radar for the wrong reasons: from her attitude problem behind the camera to giving a salary cut to her production staff.

When DeGeneres and Reese Witherspoon argued over which one of them have a closer relationship with Aniston, DeGeneres decided to show off her and Aniston's close relationship by sealing it with a kiss on "The Ellen Show."

The 61-year old posted a photo of her kissing Aniston, 50, on Instagram, reported Focus Reporters.

A number of fans insisted that Aniston is bisexual with a possibility to be linked romantically to DeGeneres. The close friendship between the pair was established following her appearance on the talk show multiple times and her guest-hosting stint on the show, indicated Meaww.

They have had a bond for a long time, share the same taste in music, and within the same circle of friends. They also have been staunch supporters of each other from highs to low points of their lives, reported Koimoi.

The comedian and the "Murder Mystery" actress first met at a birthday party. Aniston found it pleasant to meet DeGeneres who was one of her comedian idols. The close friendship blossomed for that moment on. DeGeneres, like Aniston, is also a devotee towards helping people.

The comedian captioned the photo of them locking lips on Instagram, "Find out how this happened. Tomorrow. @jenniferaniston."

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Previously, DeGeneres kissed Howard Stern on the talk show after when he renewed his vows with his wife.

"The Morning Show" actress addressed the sexuality issue in an appearance on the talk show. DeGeneres prompted Aniston to respond to rumors that they were "more than just friends."

The pair was seemingly aware of the rumors associating them romantically. Since the early 1990s, both have maintained their friendship for decades.

According to Aniston, "The Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, my best friend Dre was with me always. And I do think there was a moment where people might have not known if I was possibly on your team or not."

They shared a kiss in October 2019 when Brad Pitt's former wife guested on the talk show as a promotion for the movie "Murder Mystery" starring her and Adam Sandler.

The lead-up to the kiss first mounted when Aniston questioned DeGeneres regarding the feeling she had while kissing fellow talk show host Howard Stern during his appearance on her show. DeGeneres simply brushed aside the controversy surrounding it, remarking that she dismissed people's stunned reactions to finding out that she could kiss men and that she often did it casually.

Then, DeGeneres asked the actress when was the last time she had kissed a woman. Following Aniston divulging that it was not a common practice for her, the TV host comically leaned forward. Aniston laughed and played along, whipping her hair to the side and leaned forward as well. The pair briefly locked lips as the studio audience reacted elatedly. However, the kiss was allegedly staged to raise the episode's Target Rating Point.

Aniston was among the celebrities who made a guest appearance when DeGeneres hosted a 2019 3-part series entitled "Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways." "The Ellen Show" had been committed to doing something DeGeneres regularly did which was giving away presents and money to other people. The series amplified that act to become better and bigger.

Here is the footage when both officially sealed their close friendly relationship with a legitimate kiss on the mouth:

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