Jennifer Aniston is the most recent celebrity to participate in the trending gender face swap challenge. "The Morning Show" actress posted on Instagram a series of photos of her playing the character Rachel Green from the household name sitcom, "Friends" and captioned alongside the photos, "Had to."

Aniston has been quarantining at her Beverly Hills house amid the COVID-19 pandemic and has been consistently interacting with friends through social media and video calls.

The Along Came Polly actress assured that her best friend and "Friends" co-actress Courteney Cox was made special on her birthday. She did so by posting never-before-seen photos on social media of them as a pair throughout the years, reported Head Topics.

The actress apologized for being late to the party with the tribute, captioning, "Sorry I'm late" with a facepalm emoji. Aniston wrote to Cox a happy birthday to the "amazing human."

The former wife of Brad Pitt has acquired beyond 34 million followers. even though she has only been active on Instagram for less than a year. Joining the social media challenge that has overtaken numerous accounts displayed her sense of humor, according to Hola.

The character, Rachel Green, became immensely prominent in the 90s due to the hit sitcom. The unique swap has been a pleasant entertainment amid the novel coronavirus lockdown, reported Entertainment Times.

Having been recently reunited with another "Friends" co-actress Lisa Kudrow for "Actors on Actors," Aniston confessed to re-watching old episodes of the 90s sitcom that leaves her laughing intensely. She still occasionally catches up on an old episode.

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Meanwhile, Kudrow divulged that she has fallen down a rabbit hole of watching bloopers of "Friends."

For her male name, she paid another nod to her alter-ego.

Popular faces who participated in the challenge include Piers Morgan, Miley Cyrus, and Ellie Goulding.

During the lockdown, Aniston has her hands full of household chores.

She revealed on a video call with Jimmy Kimmel that she has been busy organizing her wardrobe, but was honoring her pace because she did not want to run out of tasks.

Aniston, 51, is in love with her home and reached out to renowned designer Stephen Shadley for renovating the 70s property into a favorable Californian retreat. Previously she remarked that her house has a lavish yet "old-fashioned Hollywood quality."

She depicted her home much like a "big hug."

The 51-year-old also surprised Kimmel by showing him a huge frog painting she ordered upon mistaking it for an art project to pass time.

She shared, "I guess I ordered something different from what I thought. I thought I had ordered paint by numbers, but what I actually ordered was the actual painting."

Co-star Kudrow confessed that she has not been watching old episodes of their sitcom because she is stalling due to home that the main cast will have a reunion and watch them all together.

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