Ellen DeGeneres has been under the radar for unfavorable reasons. This including "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" staff renouncing the TV host for non-payment of dues. Now, after a smooth marital life for years, there seems to be trouble in paradise with wife Portia de Rossi.

Ellen DeGeneres was married to actress de Rossi in 2008 after being in a relationship since 2004.

The pair has arrived at a breaking point wherein there is no other way to mend their relationship.

The comedian and her model spouse marked the beginning of their romance at a "love at first sight" meeting in 2000 despite binding stereotypes bound by society, reported News Reader Web.

A series of tabloids reported quarreling among the pair.

Rumors indicated that global criticism has put a large amount of pressure for the comic. She has reportedly been taking out her frustration on her spouse, according to Koimoi.

Since the COVID-19 quarantine was imposed and its the pandemic's prevalence in the United States, Warner Bros. suspended the "The Ellen Show's" production.

The 62-year-old has been filming the show her mansion since the suspension, reported Gizmo Blaze.

The employee backlash came when the work-from-home situation resulted in a salary cut for the show's staff.

De Rossi reportedly had a public breakdown in Los Angeles that ignited the tension. According to a source, she had puffy eyes and scattered make-up.

Reports suggested that the pair is on the path to a $500 million divorce.

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DeGeneres' dominant nature is the pinpointed constant issue. It is public knowledge that she is the authoritative type.

Followers of the show have been condemning the TV host's disrespectful behavior behind the camera. Reports alleged that the comedy talk show is on the brink of cancellation.

DeGeneres and de Rossi 2 have been bitter to each other for numerous causes.

This including DeGeres purchasing a property priced at $27 million without informing De Rossi. The host has reportedly been problematic at her home, pushing her staff too much and de Rossi was not willing to submit to the same treatment.

DeGeneres has consistently been determined, but has been acting below the belt and pushing her staff harshly, according to a source.

De Rossi apparently wants to opt out of the marriage, because she is fazed by childish fits and yelling.

"Women's Day" published a narrative stating that the married couple is heading for the aforementioned divorce.

De Rossi has been honing her culinary skills through the quarantine and hopes to be a professional chef. DeGeneres was not in favor of this.

The source narrated that DeGeneres has the upper hand on de Rossi. "She bosses her around like nobody's business and Portia puts up with it because she feels like Ellen gave her this luxurious existence in mansions and all the pet horses she could ever dream of. You can't blame Portia if she doesn't want to leave her. Ellen's one of the most well connected, wealthy, and powerful people in Hollywood and could easily run Portia out town if they were to break-up."

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